Mr Stephen Summers

Head of Teaching and Learning

BA Hons, Dip Ed (AU)

Mr Summers was employed as Head of Teaching and Learning, at Kormilda College in 2017 and continues in this role at Haileybury Rendall School in 2018. An educator for over 30 years, Mr Summers has worked in Government, Catholic and Anglican schools in South Australia and for 18-months in an International School in Guangzhou, China prior to moving to the Northern Territory. Mr Summers has held leadership roles as Head of English and EAL, IBMYP Coordinator, SACE Coordinator, Curriculum Deputy, Head of Middle School, Acting Principal and Project Officer.  Mr Summers looks forward to working with the students, teachers and parents of the Haileybury Rendall School community to build on and advance the high quality teaching and learning programs and results from Haileybury, Melbourne.