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Campus News

Welcome back

We look forward to welcoming students back to Term 2 on Wednesday, 26 April. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break and the chance to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

A reminder that students may wear either summer or full school uniform (winter) for the first two weeks of term. From Monday, 9 May, all students are required to wear their winter uniform, including a blazer.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Communication between home and school is important and working as a team to support students as they move through their educational journey is powerful. Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held during the third week of Term 2. These will be held via Zoom.

Keep an eye on myHaileybury for further details.

Webinar for parents

We have an upcoming parent webinar for Years 7 and 8 on Wednesday, 26 April at 7.00 pm, presented by Elephant Ed.

Understanding Consent will provide parents with the latest legalities surrounding consent and how they can support their children with strategies and start open conversations at home.

It will also provide parents with information about the program being delivered to students in Term 2.

We look forward to seeing you on the night.

The roundabout system within our gates is an efficient way to bring and collect your children from school. South Road is the preferred drop off and pick up for all students. A reminder that Year 10 – 12 students are not to enter/exit the school via Villeroy Street.

Early Learning Centre

Lettuce for sale

Question: What shall we do with all the lettuce from the vegetable garden?

Answer: Create a lettuce stall of course!

After planting and tending to the lettuce in our veggie garden, there was great interest in picking the lettuce before the holidays. We decided to create a stall to sell our organic lettuce and raise some money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. It was wonderful to see the children manage and run the lettuce stall independently with such passion and capability.

Our stall was a huge success, and our Haileybury community was incredible in supporting this incentive.

Boonwurrung connections

Our Boonwurrung friend, Jaedan Williams, shared the creation story with our children. He told the story of Bundjil the eagle and his friend, Waa the crow. The children danced around and moved like kangaroos, emus and birds. Many Boonwurrung words were shared, and the children were encouraged to love themselves, one another, and Mother Earth.

Celebrating a successful term

What a magical morning! The children proudly set off to hunt for the pieces of the Easter Bilby puzzle. Our clues sent everybody to the School flags, the fountain, the library and to Clark Oval. Once all the Bilby pieces were found the children excitedly assembled the Easter Bilby together.

The highlight was joining together with family to connect, dance, catch bubbles and enjoy morning tea.

To the children’s delight, Bilby surprised us all by leaving eggs in the classroom while we were out and about.

Junior School

Year 4 in Portsea

Portsea was as pretty as a picture while students frolicked in the water and dug competition winning-sized holes in the sand. Through a series of ‘challenge by choice’ activities, students pushed their personal boundaries and stepped outside their comfort zones. Working as a team to haul their mates to the top of the Giant Swing is always a crowd favourite.

A wonderful team of staff and students shared a fabulous few days with memories created and many laughs along the way. Stefan even got to celebrate his birthday with ice-cream cake for breakfast!

Battle of the pool

It was the battle of the pool as Years 3 and 4 students competed at the House Swimming Carnival. After completing a successful swim program during the term, students showed off their new-found skills with a little healthy competition. House chants and cheering could be heard across the Junior School and a great time was had by all. Special thanks to our PE staff for organising this event.

For your calendar...

Date Event
Friday, 28 April
Movie Night
Monday, 1 and Wednesday, 3 May
Parent-Teacher Interviews
Thursday, 11 May
PJ Day and Mother's Day stall
Friday, 12 May
Mums and Special Friends morning

Middle School

It's a wrap

Term 1 for the Middle School at Castlefield has something for everyone. From camps and House events such as the annual Coin Trail, to ensembles, musical rehearsals, competitive sport, STEM and LEAP, Term 1 has had it all.

To all our Middle School students, we congratulate you and thank you for your efforts, dedication and focus during Term 1. For many of our students, it was their first 10 weeks being a member of the Castlefield community. For many more, it is a home away from home. No matter the year level, we look forward to Term 2 building on the strong foundations established in Term 1.

Looking forward but embracing now

Haileybury is a busy and exciting learning community and every day our students are achieving excellence in learning the skills that will help them succeed in the world. We look forward to new and exciting experiences for all our students, however, embracing the now and committing to every lesson, every day is a consistent goal for our students.

Our culture of learning and connectedness creates a place for all students to safely and successfully do this. Above all, it is a place where students belong.

A reminder that winter uniform is to be worn in Terms 2 and 3. There is a two-week grace period at the beginning of Term 2 where students can still wear the summer uniform. Starting in Week 3 of Term 2, all students must be in full winter uniform.

Katrina Manson

Head of Castlefield (Brighton)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield (HPFC)

It was great to see so many families at Luna Park last week. We raised a good amount of money for Snow Sports and the event was so successful that it might become a regular feature.

Just a reminder that the Junior School Movie night is on Friday, 28 April. The movie will be Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile. Tickets are $10 and snacks can be purchased.

The Castlefield Mother’s Day lunch at Encore in St Kilda has sold out. It should be a great afternoon.

Remember, the SHUS will be open on the first morning back at school for Term 2 with 20% off everything for two weeks.

We wish you all a great holiday.

Monique Chapman

President, Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield