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CEO | Principal's Report

Celebrating student achievement is a wonderful part of school life. Last week saw many Haileybury graduates from 2022 return for the celebration of academic success with the two Senior School Honours Assemblies.

It was wonderful to see the students move across the stage and receive the recognition of their peers and students from Years 10 to 12. This celebration reinforces a culture of hard work from students which leads to success.

It was also further recognition of the brilliant teaching and hard work of Haileybury staff and the great support of families and friends of students. The long applause for the seven students who achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95 was another acknowledgment of an outstanding student culture.

There was an excellent evening celebration of students who did exceptional work in music, performing arts, and creative arts subjects. Students performed and displayed their work in Music Investigation, Music Performance, Studio Arts, Media, Drama, Theatre Studies and Dance.

The great academic success of students in these subjects was also acknowledged. A remarkable 100% of Media students gained a study score of 40 or above, with 60% of Music Investigation students and 56% of Studio Arts students also achieving this outstanding level. These are brilliant results which contributed to students achieving outstanding ATARs, and the performance and portfolio nature of the subjects has given all students a set of skills which will stand them in good stead.

The ATAR — which is received through the VCE — is an important measure of academic success. There are, of course, many other components that go into a Haileybury education. Across Haileybury Junior, Middle and Senior Schools last year, more than 130 co-curricular programs and activities were offered to students. The breadth of programs, such as philosophy, beekeeping, debating, maths challenges and environmental clubs, gives all students a chance to explore their passion.

Haileybury will continue to seek to expand offerings for students. It is wonderful to have a culture which sees students so engaged with these opportunities.

Sport and physical activity are also a very important part of all-round development. I had the great pleasure of watching Haileybury girls first softball game play an 8-8 draw against Caulfield Grammar last Saturday at our beautiful softball field on the river flats at Berwick. This was the team’s second draw in a row. It was a wonderful example of school sport with lots of pressure in the closing moments and a great spirit between the two teams. We greatly appreciate the support of families for the sport program which delivers so much for the development of students.

Derek Scott

CEO | Principal