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Campus News

A memorable House Parent Gala

From late afternoon to evening, the recent House Parent Gala for Senior School brought together staff, students and parents in an unforgettable celebration of culture, achievements and heartfelt connections.

The gala kicked off with a captivating House culture display where each House proudly presented activities and shared memorable photographs. This was followed by a presentation that delved deeper into each House’s motto, logo and the spirit of friendly competition that fuels their success.

One of the most touching moments of the evening was the charity donation organised by the student prefects where our student leaders showed their incredible generosity. Each House also had the opportunity to make their own charity donation, reinforcing the spirit of giving and compassion in our community.

Speeches from our Parents’ Representatives expressed their gratitude for the exceptional education that our school provides and the deep appreciation for the vibrant House culture and activities that enrich their children’s lives.

Later, the talent within our community was on full display as students and staff took to the stage and showcased their singing and dancing skills. A particular highlight was a captivating dance performance by a student and their elder sister, and our Heads of Department recited a poem by a renowned Chinese writer about education and the power of knowledge and learning.

The House Parent Gala embodied the spirit of unity, achievement and shared experiences within our Haileybury family. We extend our warmest thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to more memorable events that celebrate the remarkable bonds we share.

Junior School Language and Cultural Festival

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of Tianjin Haileybury School and the theme of the Language and Culture Festival of the Primary School this year was ‘I am a spokesperson of Haileybury’.

The students introduced the history of the school and the development of the school emblem. They displayed school uniforms, recited poems about campus, interviewed campus staff and fully showcased the spiritual style and campus culture of Haileybury.

Senior School games competition

Senior School Houses enjoyed a competition that began with students performing various songs and dance and then taking part in a tug-of-war. A major highlight was seeing teachers and students competing against each other! There was also a power train race, big ball soccer, caterpillar races, egg and spoon and sprint relay races.

Junior and Gaokao Sports Day

Primary, Middle and Gao Kao Sub-Schools held their HAILEY Sports Carnival competition last week with all the homerooms energetically competing against each other. There was plenty of enthusiasm as each year level marched onto the sports field led by the beating of drums. It was lovely to see the sunshine and clear skies, as well as the students dressed in yellow, red, green, blue and purple in support of their homerooms.

Yanni Galanis 
International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin