Campus News

Uncovering Our Senior School Artists

Years 10 to 12 students embarked on their House Art Competition over the past month with the theme: ‘My Haileybury’. Students from Gold, Green, Purple and Blue Houses produced excellent artwork that was displayed outside the front of the teaching building.

Students across the different sub-schools were able to vote for their favourite piece and congratulations go to the overall artistic winners—Blue House.

Year 11 Students Enjoy Their Excursion

The Year 11 students recently took part in their annual excursion to Discovery Natural Team (DNT) Camp and Recreational Centre.

Students and staff enjoyed a wide range of energetic activities including kayaking, futsal, archery, high ropes and team building and problem solving challenges. However, the clear highlight for everyone was the paintball activity where students gathered in their respective Houses and competed against each other to showcase their teamwork skills.

Odyssey of the Mind Challenge

Odyssey of the Mind is a STEM-based activity for our Junior School that aims to teach students how to think creatively and work as a team. The construction activity saw students work in teams using unconventional items to create new constructions.

Most recently, the students worked on the Egg Drop Challenge where they had to drop an egg from the second floor of a building and ensure it didn’t break. Students were allowed to use anything they wanted to keep their egg intact.

Team One used a small cardboard box with stuffing inside. They also placed balloons around the box to try and further protect the egg. Team Two placed the egg inside a stuffed animal—Pikachu. They also used balloons to help the egg survive. We dropped the eggs with differing levels of success, however, there was an abundance of impressive critical thinking on display.

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin