Campus News

Police Traffic and Legal Safety Lectures

Over the past few weeks, the Gao Kao Senior School and the International Senior School students have participated in some very important lectures given by the police, legal and fire departments of Tianjin and Wuqing.

These lectures are an important part of our external community links within our province and ensure our students have clear direction as they develop key life skills. The lectures focused on real cases and introduced students to some of the dangers they can face and how best to deal with such scenarios. It was pleasing to see our students engage proactively in all the lectures and ask some very intelligent questions.

Year One Students Initiation Ceremony

As is traditional in China, after 26 days of their first school year, Junior School held a Year 1 Initiation Ceremony organised by the Chinese Department, Year 1 teachers and the Calligraphy staff. The main aim of the ceremony was to lead the students onto the path of learning and enlightenment. The students performed a traditional dance and recited a famous education oath.

House Athletics Competition

Under blue skies and with warm weather, the Houses competed in their Athletics and Fun Sport Competition recently. Representatives from each House began the day and started the competition by marching with banners. This was followed by athletics races for boys and girls, however, with extra points on offer for any staff competing, it was great to see each House have several teachers involved in the events. Other events included a power train race, big ball soccer and caterpillar races.

Confucius Day Festival

The Chinese Department held an activity to celebrate the philosopher Confucius' birthday anniversary last week. Staff and students joined together to participate in activities such as calligraphy, archery, pitch pot and a knowledge quiz. There was a wonderful atmosphere, much fun was had and many prizes were won by staff and students.

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, HIST