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Campus News

Meeting the parents

The focus of Primary and Middle School over the last few weeks has been our collaboration and cooperation with our parent community. Primary School held Year 6 parent meetings and Middle School held Year 9 class workshops, including a VCE information session.

These were opportunities for the School to work with parents to discuss how we can improve communication. Haileybury values the relationships we build with parents and these sessions are extremely important in ensuring our parents are kept up to date with how their children are performing and how they can continue to improve.

I spoke to both groups of parents in detail about entry into the Senior School, how the VCE program functions and I also shared the outstanding results of our graduates and their university pathways.

Senior School awards ceremony

Due to interruptions to the end of Semester 1 caused by the pandemic, Senior School celebrated the end of semester 1 Awards Ceremony during the first few weeks of Semester 2. The Awards Ceremony is a very important part of Haileybury’s academic program and enables the School to recognise the top five per cent of students in each academic subject.

The ceremony also presented Subject Recognition Awards to students in each subject who have demonstrated excellence in their classroom and study habits. Congratulations to all students for their commitment to their studies and we look forward to all students achieving excellence throughout the year.

Primary School Mathematics Festival

As part of their mathematics curriculum, the Primary School organised a Mathematics Exhibition and Festival. The festival started with special presentations to parents in the theatre that gave an overview of the projects designed by each class.

Parents, staff and students then moved to the gymnasium and took part in activities based on mathematical reasoning, teamwork and problem solving.

A big thank you to all the Primary School staff from the Mathematics Department and to all the students who made the festival a highlight to begin the second half of the school year.

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin