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Campus News

International Women’s Day

Haileybury celebrated International Women’s Day on Wednesday, 8 March and recognised the contributions of the School’s female staff and students. During their Homeroom periods, all sub-schools discussed the history of International Women’s Day and the importance of women and girls tackling challenges and pursuing their passions. Students reflected on how boys and girls can create a better future for all women across the globe.

Primary students sent special cards to their female teachers and Middle School students made posters that were displayed in their classrooms. The School also continued its annual tradition of giving staff a special gift.

ASDAN: Australian Mathematics Competition Success

The ASDAN Australian Mathematics Competition was recently held for students across all sub-schools, and we celebrated the success of Haileybury students last week. ASDAN is one of the world’s largest in-school mathematics competitions and demonstrates the importance and relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives. It has a 44-year history with over 16,000,000 participants from 32 countries.

In total, 56 Haileybury students won the Proficiency Prize, 10 students won the Credit Prize and one student received the Distinction Prize.

Gao Kao 100-Day Pledge

Our Gao Kao students celebrated 100 days before they sit their final examinations with the symbolic pledge ceremony. Senior Gao Kao teacher, Xiangwang Guo, gave a passionate speech to students and staff and encouraged all students to work hard to ensure they realise their university dream. Students and parents also wrote traditional messages of hope to each other.

We wish all our Gao Kao students much success in June.

Yakult Factory Visit

Years 10 and 11 Business Management students visited the Tianjin Yakult factory and were given an overview of the history of the corporate culture of Yakult. The students split into small groups and toured the manufacturing production lines to learn about specific strategies for storing materials, quality control and delivery management.

The Yakult visit links students to their studies in class and will further enhance their understanding of business operation concepts.  

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin