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Campus News

CEO | Principal, Derek Scott visits Haileybury Tianjin

CEO | Principal, Derek Scott recently visited Haileybury Tianjin and met the faculty and staff. He spoke with academic staff across the School and thanked them for their continual dedication and commitment and for providing a high-quality education for students.

Derek also highlighted the future direction of the School, emphasising the importance of continuous improvement in the delivery of education, the challenges and opportunities facing the education sector and how Haileybury could adapt to the changing landscape.

Mathematics Pi Day

Recently, the Senior School Mathematics Department organised a Pi Day. In the morning, mathematics teachers secretly concealed pies throughout the School with interesting problems attached to them.

Students found the pies and ate them, and correctly answered the maths problems to win Pi Day bracelets. Later that afternoon, students and staff celebrated Pi Day with short videos, quizzes, drinks and food.

Junior School garden project

It has been an exciting month for our Primary School garden project with students successfully planting a variety of seeds in our greenhouse beds. In addition to producing fresh vegetables, students have fixed the greenhouses to provide a perfect environment for our plants to grow and thrive.

The Primary School students have been involved in every step of this project, from researching different plants and their needs, to learning how to properly care for them. Through hands-on experience, they have gained valuable knowledge about the science of plants and the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Head of Pathways and Careers Melbourne visit

Our Head of Pathways and Careers, Jacqueline Cui, visited Melbourne for a week as a guest of Monash and Deakin Universities. She attended workshops on the latest courses within the different university departments, received updates on admission procedures, discussed future internship programs and toured university facilities and halls of residence.

Jacqueline was also able to spend a day at our Haileybury City and Keysborough campuses as a special guest. She met staff and student leaders, attended Assembly and spent valuable time with Senior School Careers staff.

Senior School Basketball competition

After a long absence of sport competitions due to pandemic restrictions, it was exciting to see our Haileybury Boys Senior Basketball Team participate in the recent Beijing International School Invitational Tournament.

The boys showed strength and courage to win all their group games and finished on top of their ladder. However, more pleasing was that the team was recognised by opponents for their spirit of friendship. Congratulations to the coaches and support staff.

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin