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Sharing brilliant teaching

For teachers at Haileybury Pangea, the experience of stepping in to a new model of teaching and learning has been rewarding and challenging. It has pushed us to think differently about the roles of teacher and student and to explore new ways of building classroom culture in a virtual environment.

Throughout this experience, the opportunity to come together and share ideas with colleagues, within Pangea and in the wider school, has been crucial. Through professional development modules, campus and departmental meetings, on-demand Digital Learning sessions and those informal chats over a coffee, our staff have shared ideas, solved problems and supported each other.

You can learn more from two of our teachers as they share their experiences here.

Reconciliation Week: Be a Voice for Generations  

Each fortnight, Haileybury Pangea students come together online for a virtual assembly. These are opportunities to share student highlights, learn about activities across the school, and reflect on ideas and themes that are important to us as a community.

This term, we have engaged with this year’s Reconciliation Week theme: Be A Voice for Generations, and we have reflected on the conversations around the upcoming referendum on a Voice to Parliament.

Students have also been prompted to explore the Indigenous history of their local area as Haileybury Pangea presents an opportunity for us to learn about the diverse cultures, languages and histories that stretch across Victoria and Australia.

Joanna Baker
Head of Campus