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Campus News

Welcome to Haileybury Pangea

I am thrilled to welcome students, families and staff to Haileybury Pangea. The commencement of the school year on Monday, 30 January will mark a historic day for Haileybury as the School pushes forward into new frontiers of education once again.

At the core of Haileybury Pangea is Haileybury’s Mission:

‘To develop high-achieving students who are connected globally, to each other, and to the communities in which they live and which they will serve.’

More than ever, it is crucial that young people develop strong connections, encounter different perspectives, and explore how they can contribute as a citizen of local and global communities. I can’t wait to see our students, families and staff interact and connect across boundaries and borders, as they carve out a new kind of educational experience.

Summer Skill Builder

In early January, we welcomed over 80 students to our Summer Skill Builder program. Now in its third year, and the first year under the Haileybury Pangea banner, it was wonderful to see so much energy from students and teachers as they progressed through the intensive, week-long Literacy and Numeracy programs.

Teachers commented on the impressive growth shown by learners, while students loved the lively and interactive classes.

Getting ready to launch

For students and families, starting a new school is a huge step, particularly when the environment differs from a traditional model, as is the case with our virtual campus.

As we lead in to the first day of the academic year on Monday, 30 January, students and families will take part in digital orientation sessions and have the opportunity to meet the Haileybury Pangea team and each other.

At Haileybury, every student matters every day, so it is important that each Haileybury Pangea student feels supported and welcome in the Haileybury Pangea community.

I look forward to sharing our experiences with the Haileybury community as we embark on this journey together.

Joanna Baker
Head of Campus