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Campus News

Taking off!  

Haileybury Pangea, Victoria’s first private online school, officially opened its doors to students on Monday, 30 January. Our virtual campus aims to provide a brilliant education to students from all over Victoria, regardless of their location.

Haileybury Pangea provides another choice for families, which we know is so important for lifting educational outcomes.   

Our founding students and staff gathered on Monday, 30 January for the official commencement address from Haileybury CEO | Principal Derek Scott, marking a historic day for Haileybury and for education in Australia.  

Prior to commencement, students and staff engaged in a range of orientation sessions to ensure they were equipped with the knowledge and technology to enable a smooth start to the academic year. It has been incredible to see the energy and enthusiasm students and staff have shown in adapting to new online environments and tools such as video conferencing, interactive whiteboards and more.

Support and professional development will continue throughout Term 1, with students and staff undertaking online courses in Digital Learning and other important skills to set them up for success in this environment.  

The Pangea Passport  

We know that starting at any new school can be a daunting experience for students and families, and especially when launching into a new way of learning online. To ensure our students are supported to develop the skills and dispositions of independent, self-regulated learners, the Haileybury Pangea Digital Learning team have created a comprehensive Pangea Passport course.  

Supported by their tutors, students move through three phases of learning over the course of Term 1: Learning to Fly, Taking Off, and Going Places. They achieve ‘badges’ along the way.

The course integrates high-quality digital, study and wellbeing resources developed by Haileybury’s brilliant staff, as well as resources specifically designed for students learning in an online environment.  

Joanna Baker
Head of Campus