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Campus News

Students and families connect during NAPLAN

During NAPLAN testing in mid-March, it was an exciting opportunity for many of our Years 5, 7 and 9 students to meet in person at Haileybury’s Newlands campus in Keysborough.

Generously hosted by Acting Head of Newlands, Mark Harrop, and Deputy Head Administration, Bronwyn Harrop, students and parents connected over morning tea before heading in to complete the testing.

Students were supported by familiar faces, Dominika Kapustka and Geoff Orton, who also bravely took on students in some lunchtime table tennis and basketball.

We look forward to further opportunities for Pangea students and families to connect with each other through community events in Term 2.

We thank all Pangea and Newlands staff who helped make this experience such a welcoming one for students.

Image: Haileybury Pangea student, Oliver Tan (Year 5), enjoying the courts at Newlands campus while on site for NAPLAN testing

Curious Minds and World Builders

In a recent assembly, students were introduced to a range of opt-in programs starting in Term 2 that will allow them to follow their passions and build their leadership skills.

Haileybury’s well-established Curious Minds Program is an exciting way for Haileybury students to engage in extra-curricular and academic extension offerings through STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) and LEAP (literature, enterprise, arts, politics).

Meanwhile, the World Builders initiative, led by Nick Waxman, will enable Haileybury Pangea students to contribute their voice to the development of the Haileybury Pangea community. This is a fantastic opportunity for students who value collaboration and who want to serve the community by being part of positive change.

Joanna Baker
Head of Campus