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HRS welcomes new faces and facilities

At Haileybury Rendall School in Darwin, life has started with energy and excitement. It has been wonderful to welcome our whole HRS community in 2023, especially our new students and families.

We are delighted that the year has commenced so well and are encouraged by how our new students have taken on the challenges of adjusting to life at a new school. As always, help and support for students and their families is only ever a phone call or email away and we genuinely mean it when we say that every student matters every day.

Last week it was also exciting to welcome many new staff to Haileybury Rendall School. Due to the continued growth in the number of students enrolling at our School, many of our new staff began teaching new classes.

Some new staff members have joined us after returning to their home regions and the vast majority of our new staff come from the Northern Territory or Victoria, where the Haileybury brand is strong. Despite national staff shortages, Haileybury’s acclaimed reputation is attracting many quality people to our School.

We have some key staff in new senior roles. Dennis Nowak has become our new Director of Teaching and Learning, replacing Marcia Cross. He will work across all year levels in 2023. Lisa Doyle is our new Head of Junior School and she is already very busy.

Maria Cicchiello is our new Head of Operations and Phil Collins is our new Head of Boarding. Phil has joined us from Wesley College, Perth, but the other three members of staff have been promoted from within HRS. Yes, we are growing our own talent in Darwin!

Over the holiday period, we completed an enormous amount of work to upgrade our facilities and we started some major projects to enhance our School. Some of these projects have included:

  • An extensive upgrade to the Mayuma cafeteria and surrounding area due to Banyan tree root damage under the floor of the building.
  • Refurbishment and creation of a new three-year-old room for our ELC. This should open in mid to late February and after that we will create a second four-year-old room, so we are open to new enrolments.
  • Purchase of 400 new large lockers for Middle School and Senior School students. There was much rejoicing among students when these were finally available last Friday.
  • Extensive refurbishment of three Junior School classes.
  • Extensive refurbishment of the Junior School Admin Block.
  • Extensive refurbishment of six other staff office areas.
  • Extensive painting across the site, especially in boarding and around the main quadrangle.

More projects are on the way for 2023 and I look forward to keeping you updated.

We are all looking forward to another exciting year.

Andrew McGregor
Principal, Haileybury Rendall School