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Growing a Positive Culture

There are many measures and definitions for the culture of a school. It can simply be a ‘feel’ you get as you walk around. It can be the way students and staff talk to each other. It can be the number of smiling faces in the quadrangle at lunch. It can be the pride students take in their uniform and appearance.

At HRS we are growing a strong, positive culture in everything we do. It isn’t accidental. It is the result of deliberate planning and actions by our staff and students, with the support of our parents and wider community.

We constantly talk about the things that really matter — I wonder if you have noticed any of this language and intent during the year? Here are some examples of what we value that helps us build our culture.

  • Every student matters every day
  • Every staff member matters every day
  • Be kind
  • Always try to do your best
  • Get involved
  • Teachers are always learning, always sharing
  • Every student has the right to come to school every day and not worry about what may happen
  • Upstanders have the courage to speak up about what is right, and speak against what is wrong
  • We are all in this together!
  • Students who regularly achieve high learning behaviours are working towards academic excellence
  • Respect and healthy relationships are fundamental
  • Bullying, racism, sexism and other anti-social behaviours are not tolerated
  • Wearing the correct uniform is taking pride in yourself and your School
  • Academic excellence is admired and recognised by staff and students
  • The House system is awesome
  • Our teachers really care about us.

Recently, I have heard from long-time parents, staff and students that our students are more respectful, motivated, considerate and more engaged than ever before.

I don’t believe this is an accident and we will all work together to keep building our positive culture.

Andrew McGregor
Principal, Haileybury Rendall School