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Campus News

A standing ovation for The Wizard of Oz

Congratulations to every student and staff member who contributed to the remarkable success of our recent production of The Wizard of Oz.

During three sold-out performances, their dedication, creativity and hard work shone on stage and produced a spellbinding and entertaining show. The magic they brought to life reflects their outstanding talents and teamwork. Well done, everyone!

Balloon powered rockets for STEM Week

STEM Week was a great success for students from ELC to Middle School. ELC students made balloon powered rockets, Junior School created rubber-band cars, and Middle School students enjoyed some Wizz Fizz making.

Students also participated in photography and essay competitions and Homeroom quiz challenges. The week fostered plenty of learning, excitement and exploration.

Early Learning Centre

Playing with loose parts

The loose parts play theory is based on the idea that when children are presented with a collection of small objects or loose parts, they have more opportunities to be creative as they rearrange, redesign and tinker with the parts and create patterns and new objects as they go. Children collect bits and bobs and bring them together to create something new.

When we talk about loose parts play in an educational or more structured setting, it is about giving children more of these opportunities to explore and develop their innate creativity. Loose part resources stimulate:

  • independence as children get the freedom to explore different materials autonomously
  • language development as children communicate ideas and knowledge with their peers, educators, parents and carers
  • creative thinking, problem-solving, curiosity and abstract thinking skills as children explore materials and discover new ways of playing with them
  • fine motor skills as children pick up, hold and manipulate materials in multiple ways
  • collaboration, sharing and belonging as children interact with others engaged in the play
  • increasing physical play and activity and gross motor skills as children move and transfer their creations and use them in more imaginative play.

Junior School

Junior School Leaders for Semester 2

We would like to congratulate our 2023 Semester 2 Junior School Captains, House Captains and Assembly Captain. We are sure they will do a wonderful job in their leadership roles.

Junior School Captains: Saung-Yatti Naing (Year 4) and Alvin Yu (Year 4)

House Captains:

Anderson: Dylan Johnson (Year 4) and Akein Sumansekera (Year 4)

Campbell: Anna Borg (Year 4) and Chase Fairbairn (Year 4)

Reynolds: Tiana Fernando (Year 4) and Flynn Morrison (Year 4)

Thompson: Minuki Nanayakkara (Year 4) and William Griffiths (Year 4)

Assembly Captain: Jivraj Singh (Year 4)

Chicks in Year 1

Our Year 1 students’ Science Unit this term is called Watch It Grow. Students have been studying the life cycle of different animals and experienced this up close in the classroom with meal worms and chicks.

It has been very exciting to watch the chicks hatch from their eggs and turn into cute fluffy animals. Our Year 1s have enjoyed holding them and watching them grow!

Middle School

It is hard to believe that we are over half-way through Term 3. With so many events and activities, the students have been keeping themselves very busy.

The Middle School’s production of The Wizard of Oz was enchanting! From the captivating performances by our talented students to the dazzling set designs that brought the Land of Oz to life, every moment was a testament to the dedication and creativity of our young actors and production team.

The audience was transported down the yellow brick road with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the cowardly Lion and shared their journey of friendship, courage and self-discovery. The resounding applause and smiles from the audience reflected the hard work and passion poured into this production. The Wizard of Oz was an unforgettable Middle School musical experience.

This week is Book Week, and the students are looking forward to the authors’ talks and activities arranged by our library team. Our Middle School students will hear from Adam Wallace and Jack Heath.

Jeanette Rawlings
Head of Edrington (Berwick)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Edrington (HPFE)

Hello Edrington!

Congratulations to the Middle School production team, cast and crew of The Wizard of Oz! What a fabulous show! A very special thanks to our HPFE volunteers Kate, Gorica, Anushika and Nadine for helping Tracy and I sell show bags. We are so thankful for the time and dedication of our community.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Rita Lettieri to the committee as our new Finance Officer. Di has officially said goodbye to her long-standing role as our official ledger balancer. Thanks, Di, for your hard work and dedication to the team. We are very lucky though, as we will still see Di at the uniform shop.

Every Wednesday you will find Di and Kelly at the SHUS from 8.15 am to 10.45 am. The SHUS is always looking for an extra hand, so if you have an hour to spare on a Wednesday to help Di and Kelly, please email them.

Kerry Ilic & Tracy Day
HPFE Presidents