Campus News

Earlier this year, the ELC and Junior School students participated in a ‘walkathon’ to raise money for the Monash Children’s Hospital School. The event raised over $13,000! These funds will allow the school to purchase STEM resources, books for their library and to accommodate an artist in residence to support the learning of the children at the hospital. A wonderful achievement from the Berwick community!

Early Learning Centre

Online Learning in the ELC

With new restrictions announced midway through this term, our ELC educators have been actively delivering and implementing our unique and targeted online learning program. Each child learning online has the opportunity to engage with their classroom peers each morning through a live Zoom session with their educator.

The content in these sessions is designed to engage children and to gather their thoughts and ideas while promoting discussions and exploration of different topics. This gives children the opportunity to maintain vital connections and allows educators to create experiences for children as they would in the classroom.

Each day, children are delivered a range of thoughtful material that reflects their learning needs at an individual and classroom level. This material comprises videos and PDFs that children can work through at their own pace.

The team of specialist teachers also create additional material for children to engage with from home. This is uploaded to the Moments platform each day to balance children’s on-screen learning with active play. We have received many photographs, drawings and videos showcasing the learning that is occurring at home and we are proud of the resilience and persistence of each child through this challenging time.

Junior School

Cooking with Mrs McGill

The Edrington Junior School joined Mrs McGill on Thursday, 9 September, to cook sausage rolls for lunch. It was a unanimous decision that these were the yummiest sausage rolls ever!

Holiday Break

Thank you to all our families for the support they gave us in Term 3. It has been another challenging lockdown but your children have worked so hard to keep their learning going—we are very proud of them.

We hope that you all enjoyed the different days and events we held last term.

Middle School

We hope all Middle School families enjoyed some time together during the break. Middle School students will return to online learning for the beginning of Term 4. With a return-to-school date in sight, we know they will complete this period of online learning with the persistence and endeavour that we have seen throughout the year.

Boosting Cyber Safety

On Friday, 22 October, Middle School students will undertake an online session with the Cyber Safety Project. These sessions are designed to educate students about their responsibility as digital citizens. Students will reflect on their digital habits, learn about proactive measures to protect themselves and others online and gain an understanding of respectful relationships and positive reputations online.

Jeanette Rawlings

Head of Edrington (Berwick)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Edrington (HPFE)

On behalf of all the parents, the HPFE has sent a warm ‘thank you’ poem with a sweet treat to our fantastic teachers and staff. They have worked very hard and deserve all the kudos for imparting excellent online education in Term 3.

As the poem says ‘you’re all SUPERHEROES, we are so grateful, it’s true’. See you on campus in Term 4 as per the staggered timelines!

Kerry Ilic

HPFE President