Campus News

Thank You for Your Resilience

A very big ‘thank you’ to our students, staff and families for the way they have successfully navigated the path through this term. The students have shown tremendous resilience and perseverance during another challenging time in their schooling.

I also wish to acknowledge the brilliant work of the teachers in not only providing for the students learning needs, but also helping them to stay optimistic and engaged.

Thank you, too, to the parents for their unwavering support—it is very much appreciated.

Meet our Mathematicians

Congratulations to our students who received awards for the Maths Talent Quest. They are:

Year 4: Oviya Jeyatheepan (High Distinction) Thomas Haas (Credit) Athmeka Balamurukan (Credit)

Year 5: Seyara Munasinghe (Distinction)

Year 8: Gurnoor Sidhu (High Distinction) Movidu Gannoruwa (High Distinction) Dhruv Chadha (High Distinction).

Fathers Day Gratitude

Thank you to our wonderful Parents & Friends team for setting up a brilliant online ordering process so students to buy gifts for Fathers Day. The team braved a downpour to ensure the click-and-collect process ran smoothly. I know that many families were incredibly grateful for its efforts.

Early Learning Centre

Our Meeting Place

At our Edrington ELC, work has begun on creating our Indigenous Garden. For children, families and staff, this will become a new learning environment and place for discovery, reflection and connecting to each other and to the stories of our nation’s First People.

The design of the garden has taken inspiration from the traditional Aboriginal symbol of ‘Meeting Place’ with garden beds and paths laid out to represent this.

Our campus is on Bunurong land and programs across the ELC provide children with the understanding that before being a place for us to learn and play on, this land was looked after by the Bunurong people for tens of thousands of years.

During that time, practices in sustainability, agriculture and medicine were relied on to look after the health of communities and the health of the land. One of the main aims of our Indigenous Garden will be to explore these practices with the children. We will plant trees and shrubs that are used as food and medicine and to produce fibres, tools and utensils.

This new learning space has been much anticipated and demonstrates our campus’ commitment to reconciliation and embedding Indigenous perspectives into the Educational Program.

Below illustrates the Meeting Place symbol and a progress shot of our Indigenous Garden.

Junior School

The Haileybury Olympics

Our Term 3 House Event in Week 8 was the Haileybury Edrington Olympics! Our children had a fabulous time competing in the following events:

  • Rowing down the hall on a pillow
  • Hurdles over pillows and teddies
  • Sock toss
  • Toilet paper bowling
  • Colouring in the Olympic rings.

It really was a fun afternoon for our Houses and all competitors did an outstanding job!

Hannah and Liem Yie

Fathers Day Minute To Win It

We would like to thank all the families that attended our Fathers Day and Special Family Member Minute To Win It event.

There were adults and kids being wrapped in toilet paper, stacking cups and aiming to get the most Smarties transferred from one plate to the other. It was a lot of fun!

Middle School

Magic and Athleticism

We are proud of the resilience and persistence that the Middle School students have shown in having to complete most of Term 3 learning from home. The long hours in front of a screen and maintaining focus has, at times, been challenging.

However, we have also witnessed students’ growth in independence, accountability, organisation, empathy and gratitude. We know that these skills will hold them in good stead in the future.

Recently, we celebrated the sporting participation and success of our students at the Winter and Summer Sports Assembly. Former Australian Swimmer and Head of Haileybury Aquatics Ms Kelly Stubbins addressed the Middle School about the physical and mental strength it takes to be an elite sportsperson.

Her story was interesting and inspiring and her advice about self-care, persistence and goal setting was relevant to all aspects of life—especially as we work through this extended lockdown.

This week, Middle School students were entertained by magician Alex Unexplainable who performed illusions while sharing some hints and tips with budding magicians. It was an entertaining and light-hearted way to end a challenging term.

We wish all Middle School families a restful and well-deserved break.

Jeanette Rawlings

Head of Edrington (Berwick)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Edrington (HPFE)

The Smell of Freedom

Hello gorgeous Edrington community. The sun is out and we are teetering on the edge of FREEDOM! I can literally smell it!

It has certainly been a hectic term, but we made it through with the unwavering support of our teachers. To all of the Edrington educators, we send you thanks and praise. You have cooked with us, laughed with us, played dress-ups with us, endured our cats invading the kids’ screens and felt the highs and the lows with us—for that we are truly grateful.

It’s time for us all to reset and enjoy the September sun.

Be safe during the break and take care,

Kerry Ilic

HPFE President