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Why Haileybury Foundation?

Prospective donors to Haileybury Foundation — alumni, staff, current or former parents and community members — often ask why they should give to Haileybury Foundation alongside other causes.

Those who contribute to the Haileybury Scholarship Fund are provided with regular opportunities to witness how they are changing lives forever. Some of those opportunities are:

  • Involvement in the Haileybury Foundation Benefactor Morning Tea program
  • Recognition in the Haileybury Foundation Impact Report
  • Twice yearly reports from Haileybury Foundation Scholarship students
  • Invitations to Haileybury Foundation events.

Currently, Haileybury Foundation supports 28 students with scholarships. These students would not be able to attend Haileybury without this significant benefactor support.

In 2024, five additional students have been selected to be gifted with a Haileybury Foundation Scholarship. This will be life-changing for those young people.

Gifts large and small make an impact, and we are always looking for community members who wish to assist with providing the gift of an education. If you would like to be a benefactor to the Haileybury Foundation, please contact us.

We thank all our donors and guarantee that your gift will have a considerable and lasting effect on students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend Haileybury.

Social Media

The Haileybury Foundation is now on socials. To keep updated on our activities, please follow us at:


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