Showing our Gratitude

The Haileybury Foundation Board wishes to sincerely thank all who have contributed to the Foundation in 2022.

We have been overwhelmed by your support.

Your contributions have enabled:

  • 23 students to continue, or commence, their education at Haileybury in 2022. These are students who otherwise would not have been able to attend the School.

  • The development and high-level upkeep of the outstanding facilities that our boys and girls enjoy every day of the week across our four Melbourne campuses.

Next year, 11 new students will commence their journey at Haileybury thanks to a Haileybury Foundation Scholarship.

We wish these students well and we know their gratitude is immense—without the support of the Haileybury community including parents, alumni, staff and community groups, these students would not have achieved their dreams.

Thank you.

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