Winged Heart Society Lunch Takes Flight

Members of the Winged Heart Society enjoyed an inaugural luncheon in the Butterss Room at Castlefield recently. A total of 14 members and guests were treated to a delicious two-course luncheon while hearing from Vice-Principal Community Engagement and Advancement Mr Scott Doran, Head of Castlefield Mrs Katrina Manson and Director of Development and Alumni Relations Mr Russell Davidson.

They highlighted and discussed the future direction of the School, the exciting return to school for students at Castlefield and the impressive gains being made by Haileybury Foundation since its inception.

Winged Heart Society members have made a commitment to include Haileybury in their will and membership is automatic once the Foundation office is advised of the inclusion of the School in the will.

We have received two bequests this year and they have had very real impacts. Two students will begin their journey at Haileybury in 2022 due to Foundation Scholarships.

Community members wishing to consider leaving a bequest to Haileybury are offered a private and confidential chat with Mr Davidson at a convenient time. It is always our intention to thank members for their generosity within their lifetime and the luncheon is one way in which we can do this

Thank You

Donations to Haileybury Foundation continue to stream in. Our students are incredibly fortunate to be in receipt of such a high-quality education that would otherwise be out of reach.

All gifts to Haileybury Foundation are tax deductible. Our donors are having an enormous impact and we have been delighted with the involvement of our community—from past parents, alumni and staff to current parents and former staff.

Donations can be made at

Thank you.

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