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Navigating a Return to School

Welcome to Term 4. I trust you have all enjoyed a rest from screens and enjoyed some time to relax with your family. Your ongoing support of our Online Learning Program during the lockdown period has been greatly appreciated.

With the release of the Victorian Government’s roadmap out of lockdown we understand we will have a staggered return to school. We are confident that we can work together to continue the Academic and Extra-curricular Program for our students until it is possible for everyone to be on campus once again.

The details of our return-to-school plan from Vice Principal Mr Scott Doran can be found via myHaileybury. The Return to Campus Roadmap includes procedures and protocols and was sent out to our community on Thursday, 30 September.

Term 4 is a busy term with many milestones, such as the Year 4 and Year 8 Graduation, Back to Newlands for our Year 12s and Speech Night. We will continue to plan for these events to take place on campus or in an alternative form.

Recording of Newlands Musical

Due to continued government restrictions, we have now made the very difficult decision to record the Newlands 2021 Musical Mary Poppins Jr. What a journey our young actors have been on this term. The staff have been impressed with the cast and their ability to successfully rehearse online and adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

The production team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes with each new COVID announcement. They have planned and re-planned and brainstormed new ways of delivering a product that the staff and students are proud of.

We are all very disappointed for the students but believe we have made the best decision. Once we receive all the videos, they will be sent to an editing company to compile and create a montage of the show. This will be a wonderful keepsake for students and families.

Early Learning Centre

SeeMore Safety Program

Each year, Newlands ELC works with the KIDS Foundation to deliver a safety education program that teaches strategies to help the ELC children to 'Think Safe, Play Safe'. The Foundation regularly provides resource materials to the ELC that are used to teach a safety program to children throughout the year. The program aims to prevent childhood injuries and increase safety awareness.

For more information, please go to the website

Children are quite knowledgeable when it comes to safety, but reinforcing learning about the importance of safety occurs on a regular basis. The children are reminded about safety within the home and at the ELC and to be aware of hazards in their environment, such as water spills, uneven surfaces, hot surfaces, etc.

Easing ELC Transitions

Transitions are very important in young children’s lives and a sense of belonging is a key element in the Early Years Learning Framework. As Term 4 commences, we support the prospect of change through providing a carefully scheduled series of transition events to assist children to feel comfortable, confident and safe within their new education environment. These will be communicated to parents in the coming weeks.

Due to the onsite children joining as one Pre-Prep class or one Reception class, the children are developing new friendships and are enjoying exploring each other’s classrooms and playgrounds.

The children have adapted readily to the change in their learning environment and look forward to the change of room each week. Reception will form new classes in the new year and their current experience has supported them in building connections with potential classmates

Pre-Prep transition enjoying mat time

Junior School

The Magic Touch at Newlands JS

The Junior School welcomed Tim Ellis for a virtual magic show. Tim is a world-renowned magician who has won awards in Japan and New York and has been named Best Stage Magician in Australia. He was the first Australian to twice win at the FISM World Championships of Magic.

The students were entertained by an eye-popping performance and learned a magic trick or two along the way. At the end of Tim’s show, there were many budding magicians in the audience.

SEA LIFE Aquarium Virtual Excursion

Year 1 students were awestruck as they ventured under the sea at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium. There were plenty of beaming smiles and excited eyes were fixed on the many exhibits. Students explored the coral reef and saw countless rare and tropical fish, luminescent jellyfish, delicate seahorses and a very social octopus who was using his suckers to stick to the glass!

All children were captivated by the Ocean Tunnel Walk as they watched sharks and manta rays glide overhead. Last but not least, the adventure concluded with a visit to the penguins. Some are nesting at the moment and protecting their eggs, while others cheekily dived in and out of the water. What a wonderful day!

Middle School

Minute To Win It

On the final day of remote and online learning for Term 3, the Years 5 and 6 students were treated to an amazing game of Minute To Win It organised by Mr Billings. Students had to attempt various challenges with only a minute to complete them.

These included swinging two teabags that are taped to your hat onto the hat brim without using hands, or threading penne pasta onto a stick of raw spaghetti using only your mouth. Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter and joy for everyone involved.

A Star is Born During Lockdown

Boys Middle School Captain Timothy Dang, aka Fitness Tiem, has been keeping the Middle School students in a positive frame of mind with a series of clever and very funny videos. With a focus on making ‘Gains’ and counting ‘Macros’, Fitness Tiem has been dedicated to the cause of health and mental wellbeing. In a challenging time, these videos have really lifted spirits, made us laugh and kept the community connected.

Thank you, Fitness Tiem.

Debating Finals Round 3

The Newlands Girls 1 Debating Team was successful in the Debaters Association of Victoria Finals Playoff 3. The team argued the topic ‘That the Victorian Parliament should sit in regional centres, rather than Melbourne’. They have now made it through to the Octo-finals.

If you are wondering why this finals process is so long it’s because it involves over 250 schools, 1,500 teams, four grades, 20 regions, five rounds and a seven-night Finals series. In fact, the DAV Schools Competition is the largest English-language debating competition in the world.

Kitty Zhang, Alissa Kith and Zahra Ali debated with Zahra being recognised at the best speaker for the evening. What is so special about this team, however, is that they all work together to contribute to each debate and Rachel Sun, Keisha De Silva and Sienna Le have also been an integral part of this win.

Murder on the Orient Express

The Year 7 study of Agatha Christie’s novel Murder on the Orient Express delves into the important themes of justice, stereotyping and prejudice. As the murder mystery was slowly solved in the Newlands 7.5 class, we were visited by famous detective Hercule Poirot—aka Damon Lau! The novel study continues next term with the important skill of essay writing.

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