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Stay Safe and Well

We wish all our students, families and staff a wonderful break over the holidays. Take time to do some activities away from the screens, enjoy family time and, most importantly, stay safe and healthy.

During the holidays, several staff will be completing the Youth Mental Health First Aid Online Course. This teaches adults how to assist adolescents who are developing a mental health problem, or who are dealing with a mental health crisis.

Staff will learn about adolescent development, the signs and symptoms of common and disabling mental health problems in young people, where and how to get help when a young person is developing a mental illness, what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective and how to provide first aid in a crisis situation.

With the rise of mental health issues among young people during this pandemic, this will be a vital part of our School’s ability to provide much needed support to our students.

Virtual Zoo Victoria

As we search for ways to engage our students during the extended lockdown period, students in ELC and Year 6 have been excited to visit Zoos Victoria who are currently offering free digital learning sessions for classrooms.

ELC children explored sessions such as Nature Play the Wurundjeri Way and Wild Explorers: Australian Animals. Students in Year 6 learned how animals adapt and evolve in their natural habitat and how to protect endangered species. Such programs are vital in keeping our students connected to the real world at this time.

Early Learning Centre

Making the Most of Innovative Technology

Children who are attending the ELC during this period of lockdown can join their classmates at home each day through their lead educators’ live Zoom sessions. The lead educators onsite have access to Swivl technology that enables teaching to occur while remote learners Zoom in to the class.

Swivl allows for interactive learning to maintain connections within class. The technology was introduced to the School last year and enables Haileybury children overseas to join their classmates each day.

Pre-Preps Faye, Vivienne, Eamon, Jayden, Cecelia and Levi Vivienne and Levi assisting Mrs Candice Karam in delivering the lesson 

Indigenous Birdlife

Newlands ELC children have been intrigued by visits to their playground by two rainbow lorikeets which have created a nest in the hollow of an elm tree. The educators have discussed the habitat and diet of the birds as they visit the playground each day, adding to their nest.

The children’s interest has been extended with an introduction to an Australian native birds tally sheet where they have been encouraged to collect data on the birds they observe at the Keysborough campus. The children engaged in home learning also have a tally sheet to use while participating in their daily family walks.

Beautiful Butterflies

ELC children are looking forward to participating in a very special incursion delivered by Butterfly Adventures. The children have learned about the life cycle of the butterfly and their distinctive features, how they adapt to survive and their natural habitat.

We are expecting the arrival of six mature caterpillars, with a food supply to last until the caterpillars reach the chrysalis stage. The children will be able to feed the caterpillars and watch the butterflies emerge from their chrysalis and will then feed the butterflies.

Children at home have seeds so they can plant a butterfly garden to attract butterflies to their home.

Junior School

Onsite at Newlands

The Prep children at Newlands have been working hard online to prepare for the annual Teddy Bears Picnic. Throughout the week, they have made healthy jelly and fruit cups and tortilla pinwheels.

Everybody knows that, ‘if you go down into the woods, you need to go in disguise...’ so today, the Preps created their best teddy bear disguises ready for their virtual Teddy Bears Picnic on Friday.

Jaden Fang, Elaine Lu and Ricky Meng Miss Thao Pham’s Prep Week 9 schedule preparing for the Teddy Bears Picnic

Year 3 Virtual Camp

On Friday, 10 September, Year 3 students enjoyed a Virtual Camp Day. They spent the morning involved in teamwork activities, participating in a trivia quiz and listening to camp stories.

In the afternoon, they cooked and created ‘bush art’ with leaves and flowers from their gardens. The highlight of the day was the Haileybury’s Got Talent show where students displayed their talents and had all their Year 3 friends enthralled.

Later that night, students finished off a fun filled day by eating a delicious dinner together online and then enjoying hot popcorn and a movie.

While the Year 3 students would have obviously enjoyed flying foxes and giant swings, it was still a unique experience and one they will always remember.

Year 3G Virtual Camp with Ms Gillian Gill

House Sport with a Twist

The Junior School participated in their Term 3 House event—the Junior School Online Olympics. Students wore their House tops and participated in activities such as The Wall Sit Challenge, Make a Turn and Book Brain. There were many activities and many laughs. Sangwell took first place and the Gold medal.

House Sport Olympics

Zooming in on Fathers Day

The Junior School children were delighted when their dads and special friends joined them on Zoom last Thursday to celebrate Fathers Day. The children were grinning from ear to ear as dads joined in with trivia quizzes, Minute To Win It challenges, pizza making, drawing and listening to lots of stories.

Thank you, fathers and special friends. You made our day wonderful!

Year 1 Fathers Day

Prep T

Middle School

Future Problem Solving Nationals

Haileybury students have taken part in the Future Problem Solving Program Australia event that recognises that today’s students are the problem solvers of the future. The program develops critical and creative thinking skills and encourages young people to actively shape their future.

In the qualifying round of the event, students explored human environmental impact and the premise that ‘humans have always impacted the environment’. Over time, these impacts have increased with industrialisation, urbanisation, deforestation, the processing of natural resources, burning of fossil fuels and the introduction of more technologies.

Haileybury’s creative thinking students have been placed in the top tier of the teams in their division.

Global Issues Problem Solving team:

Year 8 students Harrison Green (LEAP Captain) Timothy Dang (School Captain) Judy Bo (Shum Captain) Vinay Raghavan.

Individual entrant Anay Ashwin (Year 6).

Two students have also been recognised in the Scenario Writing category. They each wrote a 1,500-word story set 50 years in the future.

Anay Ashwin (Year 6) wrote The Voice of Mars.

‘In the year 2067, the terraforming of Mars is well underway. The temperature is rising, the atmosphere is beginning to resemble that of Earth and the pressure has become more bearable. Since the arrival of colonists in 2039, as the first generation, the current generation comprises people born on Mars—known as Mars Indigenous Colony or MIG. Despite its achievements, the thawing of permafrost involved in the terraforming process is overshadowed by environmental issues due to mercury that is released into the atmosphere.’

Grace van Haaster (Year 8) wrote Practice Makes Perfect.

Grace’s story explores the future of youth in competitive e-sports and is set in the future where youth are funded to compete in gaming competitions.

These students will participate in the National Finals on Friday, 15 October, 2021.

Grace van Haaster and Anay Ashwin

Maths Talent Quest Nationals

Year 8 students Lucas Fennessy, Cyrus Vasuthan, Adithya Naron, Om Gupta, Jayden Jeyaweerasingham and Julian Rowse have progressed from the State to National competition in the Maths Talent Quest.

Their project researched and modelled quantum mechanics and teleportation. Called The Quantum Cake, it specifically looked at teleporting a piece of cake into your mouth! To progress to the Nationals is a fantastic achievement. We wish them all the best.

Jane Gibbs

Head of Newlands (Keysborough)

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