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Old Haileyburians Association

Class of 2013 – 10 Year Reunion

On Friday, 12 May over 120 alumni celebrated their Class of 2013 10 Year Reunion at Valhalla in the city.

It was fabulous to witness the cohort come together and reminisce, enjoy the delicious canapes and drinks and chat the night away!

Where Are They Now – Amanda Deed (OH 2013)

Amanda Deed (OH 2013) almost has a lifelong connection with Haileybury as she joined the school when girls were first introduced in Prep.

After leaving Haileybury, Amanda studied a Bachelor of Science at Monash University, however, her passion was aviation. So, while finishing her science degree, Amanda began flight training at Lilydale Airport. From the moment she took the controls, she knew there was no going back.

Amanda had caught what pilots call the aviation bug! To pay for her flight training, she began working at the airport as the Office Manager for the flying school. She enjoyed getting to know the students and instructors, gained extensive knowledge of the industry, and dreamed about the time when aviation would become her career.

Amanda studied hard for her written exams and obtained her private pilot’s license at the end of 2019, which meant she could take friends and family for flights anywhere in Australia. However, to start working as a pilot, you need to acquire a commercial pilot license that involves written exams and flight tests to ensure your knowledge and skills are of the highest standard.

While working towards her commercial license, she was given the opportunity to study and fly for her commercial helicopter license at Moorabbin Airport. With support and encouragement from family and friends, at the start of 2021, Amanda obtained her commercial licenses for planes and helicopters.

Since then, she has had even more adventures. She moved to Uluru to begin her first job as a commercial pilot and flew joy and charter flights around the Outback. Sunsets were her favourite time to fly. Amanda says watching the amazing colour changes on Uluru as the golden sun slowly descended in the sky was ‘breathtaking’.

Amanda assisted in a search and rescue with the Northern Territory police to find a missing person after harsh rains and flooding hit the area. They safely located the man with his vehicle, using the aeroplane, and then returned later to retrieve him with the helicopter.

“Working in Central Australia was incredible and I felt so lucky to have the opportunity,” says Amanda.

Late last year, Amanda returned to Melbourne to upgrade her skill set with an instrument rating and she is currently studying for her airline exams.

In between, Amanda set off on an Australia in a Day challenge. She is part of the Australian Women Pilots Association and, with three other women, Amanda flew around Australia in a day to raise funds for a scholarship to help up and coming female pilots with their training.

The flight had to be completed between dawn and dusk and the mission was to visit every state and mainland territory. Flying west to make the most of daylight, the women started at Flinders Island in Tasmania, then flew on to Mallacoota in Victoria, Canberra in the ACT, Cootamundra and White Cliffs in NSW, Moomba in South Australia, Birdsville in Queensland and Ayers Rock in Northern Territory.

They finished their mission 20 minutes before last light in Forrest WA with a total of almost 15 hours of flying between them. The women raised enough funds to support the scholarship for the next three years — all while watching the magnificent landscape change before their eyes across the day!

“Aviation has already taken me to so many amazing places. I strongly encourage anyone who has wanted to give flying a go to pursue that dream because you never know where it might take you!” says Amanda.

It was terrific to see you at your Class of 2013 10 Year Reunion, Amanda!

Kylie Phillips
Development Office Operations Lead