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Where are they Now—Dr Tiana Sirgiovanni (OH 2015)

When Tiana Sirgiovanni was 13-years-old she was involved in a car accident. Thankfully, no one was badly injured but Tiana did need treatment for whiplash, so her mum took her to an osteopath.

Tiana saw the benefits of a holistic treatment where her whole body, not just the affected area, was treated using techniques including soft tissue massage and spinal manipulation. This hands-on experience was the catalyst for Tiana’s decision to become an osteopath.

With the help of a reference from one of her teachers at Haileybury, Tiana received the George Alexander Foundation Scholarship to complete a Bachelor of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University. She also has a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) and her thesis was published in the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. Her thesis examined patient expectations of manual versus non-manual treatment in osteopathy.

Needless to say, having achieved her goal to become an osteopath, Tiana is very thankful to her teacher!

She loves how osteopathy doesn’t only look at the spine but can treat headaches, jaw pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and ankle pain. It also takes into account other factors that may contribute to pain such as ergonomics when we work, sleep and drive as well as lifestyle and diet.

To grow and develop her osteo skills, Tiana needed to venture out of Victoria. Nearly a year ago, a fantastic opportunity arose in Townsville and Tiana hasn’t looked back. She is loving the Queensland lifestyle!

Tiana has also commenced a 12-month yoga teacher training course, as osteopathy and yoga do intertwine. She has an incredibly useful Instagram account @thatosteochick where she offers advice including video exercises.

During her university studies, Tiana coached volleyball at Haileybury and also supervised exams. She thoroughly enjoyed returning to the School and reacquainting herself with so many of her teachers.

On a personal note, Tiana is fond of film photography and would like to devote more time to this hobby.

Thanks for staying connected Tiana and keep living your best life!

Dr Tiana Sirgiovanni (OH 2015) working on a client.

Hayley Denny

Development & Alumni Manager