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Ken Phillips Day

The annual Ken Phillips Day was the perfect opportunity for a pre-season hit out for the School Football team and to showcase the growth and strength of the Haileybury and Old Haileybury Football programs.

The match is named after former Haileybury staff member and Old Haileybury Football Club President, Ken Phillips. Ken was a long serving member of staff at Haileybury, Head of Berthon House, First XVIII Coach and friend to many.

In a keenly contested game under a cloudy sky, the school team prevailed over the Under 19 team who levelled the number of games won to 13 all.

The Phillips family is truly humbled that this event has been running in honour of Ken for more than 25 years.

Where are they now: Nick Tonkin (Haileybury teacher 1969–1999)

One of Ken Phillips’ close friends was Nick ‘Tonks’ Tonkin who was the quintessential teacher. He taught Physics and Maths, was a House and Boarding master and was exceptionally good at sports. He was passionately involved in school life and communicated these enthusiasms to students.

What are you up to these days?

Jean and I have lived in Torquay for the past 10 years. Each day we walk on the beach with the dog and then have coffee at a beachside café with a group of like-minded dog walkers. I play (very poor) golf and Jean splashes around in water aerobics. In the school holidays we host our nine grandchildren and their parents — occasionally all of them at the same time. Before Torquay, we lived in Ballarat for seven years and I taught part-time at Ballarat Clarendon College. Before that, we ran a small cattle farm near Mansfield where I taught at Yea High School and was involved with Mansfield Cricket Club.

Why teaching?

I enjoyed the challenge of trying to make my subject interesting and my lessons entertaining — with limited success. I always tried to develop a rapport with my students and found dealing with the diverse range of personalities and talents a rewarding experience.

Favourite memories at Haileybury?

I have fond memories of the many dedicated and professional colleagues with whom I worked and the generations of talented, enthusiastic (and sometimes not so enthusiastic) students who passed through my classes. Involvement in the sport program was also rewarding.

Is it true you named your dog after a House?

I was head of Sholto Black House when, on a whim, I bought a black puppy. A wise friend suggested I call the dog Sholto. For 13 years, Sholto attended almost every Haileybury sporting function. She was obsessed with balls and many 12th men have been assigned as ball throwers! On one occasion she stole a hockey ball in the middle of a game. It was somewhat embarrassing to see 22 players and two refs chasing Sholto! If Mr Aikman was present, she would drop her ball at his feet which he would kick away for her if no-one was looking. I think she was impressed with the size of his shoes rather than his authority!

Thanks for staying connected, Nick!

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