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As the holidays draw to a close, I hope this newsletter finds our families looking forward to classes beginning on Thursday, 27 January. Our academic year is well underway, thanks to Term 1A which makes for a smoother start in January. A special welcome to new families, students and staff joining us this year—I hope your time at Haileybury is happy and successful.

Thursday will begin with tutor groups where Heads of House and tutors will remind our young Haileyburians of our expectations of them. Sometimes it takes a few reminders about hair and uniform before everyone is back into the swing of things! I ask parents and guardians to ensure students have neat and tidy hair and that shoes and uniform are clean and well presented.

If you have any queries about our expectations, please contact me, our Head of Senior Girls, Ms Helen Wadden, or our Head of Senior Boys, Mr Graham Leys.

Excellence in 2021 Results

The 2021 academic results achieved by Haileybury students were exemplary. Congratulations to all students who worked hard to achieve excellence in their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) subjects and who did all they could to excel in their preparatory studies.

We saw eight Haileybury students register perfect Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) scores of 99.95. Only 39 students in Victoria were awarded a perfect ATAR, so we couldn’t be prouder of the duces of Haileybury College: Daniel Greenham, James Lam, Duvin Nambuwasam, Jeremy Nielsen, Samarth Ram Raghavendra, Harry Sun and Raymond Zhang and the dux of Haileybury Girls College, Lisa Gorman. They all attained an ATAR of 99.95.

It is a true pleasure to be part of a community that collectively values education and achievement and understands that a true education is about more than letter grades and ATAR scores. The Haileybury community understands that working hard to achieve one’s best is one of the keys to a happy and successful life. I look forward to our Honours Assemblies where we will acknowledge their achievements.


Please remember that all absentees are recorded through the myHaileybury app. We recognise that it may be difficult when a child is unable to attend school and parents are juggling things to sort out their day, but in less than 10 seconds, you can submit your child’s absentee notice quickly and easily via myHaileybury.

Senior School Haileybury Sport Expectations

Sport at Haileybury is an enjoyable and integral component in developing well-rounded Haileyburians. Training and competition are about so much more than winning—they improve mental and physical health and fitness, enable students to develop their leadership and communication skills and ability to work in a team and help students build respect for themselves and others. These core skills ultimately result in success on the sporting field and in the classroom, improving academic outcomes for all students.

Team success is dependent on all students attending Tuesday training and Saturday competition. If your child needs to leave school for an appointment and must miss Tuesday training, a medical certificate will need to be emailed to the Heads of Boys and Girls Sport the following day. Haileybury strongly discourages students and parents from making regular appointments on Tuesday afternoons during Sport training.

If you have any queries about our Sport Program, please contact:

John Headlam (Head of Boys Sport)

Kylie Leys (Head of Girls Sport)

Victorian School of Languages Award

Congratulations to Thomas Salter (Year 9) who received the Year 9 Best Effort Award from the Victorian School of Languages Distance Education section for his language studies in 2021. This is a wonderful achievement.

STEM and LEAP Captains 2022

Through our Curious Minds extra-curricular program, Haileybury strives to strengthen and support student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Coding Club, Chess Club, the Science Talent Search, MUMS School Math Olympics, Brain Bee and the SHINE Space Program are examples of the diverse academic extension opportunities we offer across our Senior Schools.

To ensure Haileybury meets the interests and abilities of all students, and teaches them the skills they need for the future world of work, student voice is at the forefront of our programs. Through STEM Captains, students can have their say about the activities they would like to see within Curious Minds.

The newly developed eSports Program began as an idea and has become the most popular student-driven STEM Club in the Senior School. This highlights the importance of student leadership and autonomy when creating and supporting successful programs at Haileybury.

Congratulations to the following students who are STEM and LEAP Captains for 2022:

Berwick STEM Captain (Haileybury College)—Hivin Silva (Year 12)

Berwick STEM Captain (Haileybury Girls College)—Kloe Lashkariov-Lee (Year 12)

Berwick STEM Vice Captain (Haileybury College)—Karshin Sachdeva (Year 10)

Berwick STEM Vice Captain (Haileybury Girls College)—Eshini Siriwardhen (Year 11)

Keysborough STEM Captain (Haileybury College)—Lucas Fennessy (Year 9)

Keysborough STEM Captain (Haileybury Girls College)—Ayesha Jaggi (Year 12)

Brighton STEM Captain (Haileybury College)—Dominic Rowe (Year 12)

Brighton STEM Captain (Haileybury Girls College)—Hannah Maddern (Year 11)

City STEM Captain (Haileybury College)—Owen Cheung (Year 11)

City STEM Captain (Haileybury Girls College)—Susan Fu (Year 12).

We look forward to another successful year of STEM in our Senior School. Any students eager to join our STEM extension programs can contact their 2022 Campus Captains, or email Ms Jordyn Exner.

Festive Spirit

In the final week of the academic year, Haileybury Senior School staff and students generously donated food for vulnerable Victorians. The donations were warmly received by Paul Chen of the Springvale Salvation Army who said the items would be distributed to people struggling with homelessness, financial hardship or family crisis. The Salvos and Haileybury community thank contributors for their generosity.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Expedition

As part of the outdoor experiences at Senior School, in December, students attended our end-of-year expedition—a four-day hike followed by a four-day canoe trip. The expedition was available to all Senior School students and those undertaking the international Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

It provides students with a chance to develop skills for the future, like leadership, discipline, communication, navigation and decision-making skills. Congratulations to students who participated:

Charles Bamford (Year 11)

Sofia Carollo (Year 9)

Lucy Gibson (Year 10)

Braya Hanssen (Year 9)

Michael Krol (Year 11)

Nicholas Pest (Year 12)

Michael Sun (Year 12)

Viduwantha Suraweera (Year 11)

Luke Yin (Year 12)

Rohan Zhao (Year 11).

We would also like to congratulate our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Ambassadors for 2022:

Luke Yin (Year 12) and Chiara Maiorino (Year 12).

Tamsin Visick, Coordinator, Duke of Ed Program

Pam Chamberlain

Senior Vice-Principal and Head of Haileybury Senior Schools