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Getting Ready for Term 4

While the September break offers some time for Senior School students to relax and unwind, it is also an important time for revision and preparation.

During the coming term break, our Units 3 and 4 students will complete structured revision tasks prepared by our expert teachers, many of whom are experienced assessors.

Week 1—Self-paced Revision Program with a suggested schedule.

Week 2—Performance/Oral Examination preparation, plus some folio work (if students are allowed onsite).

While attendance at these sessions is not compulsory, families may want to take this into account when planning activities. Students will be advised of these details through Canvas announcements.

We encourage all our students to also make some time to ensure they prepare for the GAT, as this will be especially important this year.

Sabine Partington
Head of Teaching & Learning (Senior School)

Student 2 Student Reading Program

Since July, students from the City campus have volunteered their time each week to participate in the Smith Family Student 2 Student Reading Program. Our City students have been paired up with a student from a disadvantaged background who is reading at a level at least two years below their age.

City students spend 20 minutes, two to three times a week, reading with their student, helping them with their pronunciation of difficult words and improving their reading skills and confidence. On top of all their school commitments it is so impressive that these students have volunteered their time to help others.

The participating students are:

Year 11: Riva Dubey, Christian Hachmann, Shanya Shah.

Year 10: Rowena Ng, Harry Jones, Dhimanya Dissanayake, Genevieve Gray, Emma Niggl.

Year 9: Aashi Mishra, Ali Tahir, Max Chen, Hailey Axalan, Srivi Raghavan, Nivedhaa Nandakumar, Christine Nguyen, Sanyam Jain, Melisha Rajasinghe.

Haileybury Launches into Space

The Swinburne and Haileybury IN Space Experiment (SHINE) has been running throughout Term 3. Six students from Years 10 and 11 have been working with staff and students from Swinburne University to plan their experiment that will be launched to the International Space Station later in the year.

While lockdown has presented challenges, the students have managed to come up with an experiment they can trial at home that looks at the growth of bacteria in space through the process of making yoghurt. Their aim is to investigate the effects that microgravity will have on the successful production of yoghurt and its nutritional value.

This is important as, in the future, space companies and agencies plan to make more manned long-term flights and want to be able to provide astronauts with the most nutritious food. Through running tests at home and buying pH testing kits from Bunnings, the students have been able to develop an experimental procedure that will address their research question.

The students are testing different types of milk, such as soy milk and full-cream milk, and different bacterial combinations, such as streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus bulgaricus and ABC bacteria that is commonly found in supermarket yoghurts.

The final steps involve getting approval from NASA for the students’ experimental design and their choice of bacteria to go onto the International Space Station.

The students involved are: Jasnoor Daler (Year 11, Berwick) Hivin Silva (Year 11, Berwick) Aysel Sapukotana (Year 10, Berwick) Edward Johnstone (Year 10, Keysborough) Chiara Sgroi (Year 10, City) and Sam Nielsen (Year 10, Berwick).

Tertiary Pathways for Years 9 and 10 Students

As students move into the VCE years, they and their families often have questions about how their academic pathways at Haileybury match up against university prerequisites. To assist with planning, we strongly encourage students and families to access the VTAC website, particularly the Year 10 Guide or Year 11 Guide.

These resources contain information about VCE subject selection, scaling of VCE Study Scores and how to research post-school courses. The prerequisite and course explorer provides students in Years 10 to 12 the tools to explore courses based on an existing Units 3 and 4 VCE study program, or a planned Units 3 and 4 VCE study program.

Prerequisites can change from year to year and are published two years in advance. If you are a current Year 10 student, you can find prerequisites for 2024 entry here.

During the next three years, Haileybury will continue to provide students and parents with information about subject selection and tertiary entrance, however these resources are an excellent way for Years 9 and 10 families to familiarise themselves with the terms and processes associated with the VCE and post-school options.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Success

Congratulations to Jules Seng (Year 11, Keysborough) who has completed the Silver level of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award! This is a wonderful achievement.

Annika Pest (OH 17) who was a Gold level award recipient, has recently been interviewed by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program. Annika has gone on to study medicine and you can read her story here.

Pam Chamberlain

Senior Vice-Principal (Student Welfare) and Head of Senior Schools