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Senior School

Campus News

A smooth start to Term 1

I would like to thank the students and academic staff of Senior School who have transitioned back into school life seamlessly and effectively over the past week.

One of the biggest advantages of Haileybury’s Term 1A program is that the settling in period which accompanies any new school year is completed in November of the previous year. This allows our students and teachers to begin productive work from day one of the new school year.

There have been very few changes of teachers, outside those necessary to replace staff who have left the School, or transferred to other campuses. I must also add a particular welcome to those students and families who have started within our Senior Schools. I hope you feel that you are part of the Haileybury community already and I look forward to meeting many of you at School functions in the coming months.

The Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship

Victoria’s highest-achieving VCE students were offered a Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship to study at the University of Melbourne, in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement in 2022.

The Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship offers a generous fee exemption to students, as well as a guaranteed place in the graduate program of their choice including the Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor (Law) and other professional entry graduate programs.

Congratulations to:

  • Abigail Gardiner - Haileybury Girls College
  • Casper Appelberg - Haileybury College
  • Chiara Maiorino - Haileybury Girls College
  • Chloe Lay - Haileybury Girls College
  • Chrislyn Kanagarajah - Haileybury Girls College
  • Kerry Zhu - Haileybury College
  • Kim Zhu - Haileybury College
  • Lauren Yim - Haileybury Girls College
  • Melanie Nguyen - Haileybury Girls College
  • Michael Sun - Haileybury College

Top VCE students awarded Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship (

What a great achievement!

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher Interviews for Brighton, Berwick, City and Keysborough students in Years 9–12 will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, 7 March. Students will finish their formal classes for the day at 1.00 pm.

Online bookings for the interviews will open at 12.00 pm on Monday, 13 February and close at 12.00 pm on the day of the interviews. Zoom interviews are five-minutes in duration, and we recommend you leave time between interviews to allow you to move from one teacher to another.

Throughout the interview process, please keep in mind that all staff will have waiting rooms enabled. Please wait for staff to let you in for your interview at the scheduled time. 

You must enter both your first and last name when logging in to enable teachers to recognise you in their waiting room. If you require assistance with your booking (once the system opens), please call the Senior School Office at any of the campuses: Keysborough 03 9904 6003, Brighton 03 9904 6005, City 03 9904 6008, and Berwick 03 9904 6007.

Vaping and smoking

Parents, carers, schools and community all play an important role in protecting children and young people from, and educating them about, the harmful effects of smoking and vaping.

Research from the Royal Children’s Hospital shows that many parents and carers are not aware of the harmful effects, or how their views about smoking and vaping can impact the likelihood of a young person taking up smoking or vaping.

The Department of Education and Training has developed resources to help you learn more about the health risks of smoking and vaping. It also has some suggestions about how to talk to children and young people about vaping and where to get support. To access the resources, please use this link.

You can also view this video on smoking and vaping from experts at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. It contains health advice and tips for starting a conversation with young people.

As part of Haileybury’s ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of your children, we have installed vape sensors in our Senior School bathrooms. Should a child be identified as vaping or smoking, parents/guardians will be contacted and disciplinary procedures followed.

Should you have any queries, please liaise with your Head of Senior School.

Theo Georgakopoulos

Acting Head of Haileybury Senior Schools