Bumblebee Musical Magic

The Year 1 and Transition students have been introduced to new sounds and songs, enjoying music appreciation and finger play songs with a bumblebee theme.

Both year levels listened to an extract from ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ by Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov. The children identified the main instruments – violins, flutes and clarinets –  that were used to create a sound picture of the bumblebee.

The students were then given basic vocabulary to describe elements of the piece, such as dynamics, tempo, pitch and mood.

They were delighted by a song about two bumblebees sitting on a wall. Each child used bumblebee finger puppets to create the illusion of two bumblebees flying away and then magically returning.

We then experimented by performing the song in different ways, using the same elements discussed in music appreciation.

Year 1 students have been working in small groups to create their own 4 beat rhythm, using ta titi, za and too-oo. The activity continued in the next class as the students added a melody to their rhythms using so, mi and la.

A leader from each group performed the melody on xylophone while the group sang together in solfa (method of learning and reading), performing for the class and then chose a winning melody.

This musical magic plays a big part in children’s’ development, building coordination and vocabulary as well as improving their literacy and numeracy skills.