Larrakia Nation Smoking Ceremony

This week, we were privileged to have a smoking ceremony conducted by representatives of the Larrakia Nation. The ceremony is an important occasion and one of the world’s oldest. Larrakia representative Mr Joe Raymond conducted the ceremony accompanied by Larrakia representatives, one of whom played the didgeridoo. Our Aboriginal staff assisted by applying hand painting to students who wanted to be painted.

The smoking ceremony is a gift from the traditional custodians of the land to those occupying it. It provides a cleansing of the area so that people can come together and live in harmony.

We started the ceremony with our Early Learning Centre and Junior School students, who enjoyed the event which then moved through to our Haileybury Rendall Boarding School.

The smoking ceremony has special significance in this area of the School, where students from many communities come together to live. Tolerance, respect and living in harmony are absolutely crucial to the success of our boarding community.

Conducting the smoking ceremony is important for the Haileybury Rendall School community as we work hard to develop our understanding and empathy for the Aboriginal people who have such rich tradition in the history of this school and of our nation.

This year, Mr Ian Smith has been appointed to Haileybury Rendall School as Head of Aboriginal and Community Liaison. He will grow our connection with the communities from which we enrol students and the organisations that can assist us in developing the best possible educational experiences for our students.

Thank you to Mr Smith for his initiative in organising the smoking ceremony.