Campus News

A Seamless Switch

We are super proud of how our Junior and Middle School students and staff moved so seamlessly as lessons across the timetable swiftly reverted to an online forum. Congratulations and thank you to our Castlefield community that reached out and supported each other and the learning programs we delivered.

Meanwhile, our Early Learning Centre (ELC) students and staff remained onsite, delighting in their new fire pit and the joys of storytelling and connectedness. Marshmallow toasting was certainly a hit on Pyjama Day, too.

Early Learning Centre

Thinking of Others

Community and social justice are particularly important to the ELC. We spend time valuing our families, connecting with one another as an ELC community, enjoying being part of the whole School and getting out and about in the wider community.

We also support several social justice initiatives—most recently the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) St Kilda Mums and Take 3 for the Sea.

This year, the National Reconciliation Week theme was about taking action. The ELC took action by participating in The Great Book Swap to support the ILF and the Northern Territory’s Binjari community.

Some of the ELC students shared their thoughts on supporting the Binjari community:

“We have 150 schools in Melbourne.”

Pyjama Day

Pyjama Day was a highlight and we all excitedly arrived at school in our PJs, dressing gowns and slippers. Families sent in donations of children’s socks and underpants to support St Kilda Mums and the charity’s vision of a future where we share more and care for every baby and child.

Ian Green

President, Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield