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Outdoor Education program

Nothing beats real-life experience. Through our Experiential Learning program, we aim to create independent, capable and environmentally aware young adults who can work together to overcome physical and mental challenges in remote environments.

Activities are integrated into school life through academic and pastoral streams, allowing students to share cross-cultural experiences and physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual challenges.

This compulsory program sees experiences become progressively more remote and challenging, with students in Years 5 to 9 visiting locations including Litchfield National Park and Lake Argyle. Year 10 students undertake a self-led sea kayak journey in the remote East Kimberly region.

Year 7: East Litchfield Expedition

Year 7 students pack everything into a backpack and embark on their first real expedition. Learning the skills needed to survive and thrive in the bush on their big expeditions in the next few years, students will travel around some familiar and some not-so-familiar places in Litchfield National Park. Bush navigation, use of Trangia and packing a backpack will all be essential skills.

Year 8: West Litchfield Expedition

Year 8 venture to the less visited side of Litchfield National Park and visit some amazing hidden waterfalls and viewing points on an epic 5-day adventure.

Year 9: Lake Argyle

The big adventure! A full day of driving west to the epic and remote Lake Argyle awaits Year 9 students. Once there they will embark on a journey by canoe or sea kayak where they are unlikely to see anyone apart from their own group for six whole days.

Lake Argyle is famous for amazing fishing, rock jumping, sunsets and freshwater crocodiles.

Students return to School feeling capable of looking after themselves and their peers in a remote environment.