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Fees and payments

Covering the costs of high quality education

We understand that private school education is a significant investment for most families and we thank you for considering Haileybury Rendall School for your child/children.

We strive to keep fees in line with the quality education, extensive co-curricular programs and engaging environment that we provide.

Schedule of fees and charges

Enrolment fees

For all students entering Transition to Year 12, a total enrolment fee of $535 is payable. This comprises:

  • a non-refundable, non-transferable Entrance Fee of $250 to cover the administrative cost of our admissions process. This payment cannot be used against a future enrolment if you defer for more than one year, plus
  • a fee of $285 that is collected on behalf of the Old Haileyburians Association and provides life membership of the Association for your child when they leave the School.

For children commencing in our ELC, an additional $500 will need to be paid. This will be deducted from your Term 1 Transition fees. In the event your child does not continue into the Transition year level, this payment will be forfeited.

Our fees and charges are reviewed and set annually and allow for items like tuition costs, Managed Device Programs and other administrative overheads.

Sibling discount

In addition to our scholarships, we offer sibling discounts to support our families.

We reduce the tuition fee for siblings or stepsiblings living predominantly at the same address and who attend Haileybury Rendall School at the same time. These discounts are:

  • 5% of tuition fees for the second sibling
  • 10% of tuition fees for the third sibling
  • 20% of tuition fees for the fourth or subsequent siblings

Please note that the sibling discount does not apply to children attending the ELC.

“We can’t apply any reduction if siblings have been granted other forms of fee assistance (such as bursaries or scholarships).”

Paying fees and charges

We aim to make it as easy as possible for families to pay fees and other costs and so offer a range of payment options :

  • BPay
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Over the phone by Credit Card (Visa, AMEX and Mastercard)
  • Direct Debit (Fortnightly, monthly and quarterly payment options)

Further information

We invite you to contact our Finance team for further information or if you have any enquiries regarding our fees.

Phone: +61 8 8922 1611