Haileybury Rendall School Program

An educational adventure

Haileybury Rendall School program provides an exciting and enriching curriculum for all students. It builds resilient and independent learners with skills in creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

Our teaching approach is tailored to suit all year levels. We develop core literacy and numeracy skills through explicit instruction in the junior years, while in the middle years we move to a combination of explicit instruction and student-centred learning. As students enter their senior years, they begin a three-year VCE program coupled with a range of subjects to suit all interests and abilities.

Ultimately, students leave Haileybury Rendall School prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, with a love for learning and with the life skills essential for success.

Our learning program

Every learning stage is equally important at Haileybury Rendall School—from the early years to the senior years and VCE. Individual needs are met at all stages due to our student-centred approach to learning that recognises each student’s gender, age, interests and potential.

In the Junior Years, our teachers use the explicit instruction approach to Literacy and Numeracy, supplemented by a thinking and problem-solving approach.

Learning needs are paramount in the middle years, with an emphasis on developing a deeper understanding of issues and higher-level learning outcomes. Our Senior Years program is designed to nurture resilient, independent learners.

Explicit Instruction

Our innovative Explicit Teaching Model provides the best possible start for all Junior School students, helping them engage with, and master, the core skills of literacy and numeracy. This research-based approach is supported with instruction in thinking and problem-solving and allows our younger students to thrive in all subject areas.

“The strong focus on core skills at Haileybury Rendall School ensures that students have every opportunity to excel academically.”

The Warm Up and ‘I Do, We Do and You Do’

The explicit instruction approach uses a research-based framework with components that include The Warm Up and ‘I Do, We Do and You Do’. 

The Warm Up: a 10 to 15-minute prime learning strategy at the beginning of a reading, spelling, writing, mathematics and inquiry lesson. The aim is to move learning from short-term to long-term memory, so students retain what they are learning while developing their ability to apply and transfer skills and concepts to different contexts.

The post-Warm Up lesson includes ‘I Do, We Do and You Do’: a teaching and learning process that gradually moves from the teacher modelling the skill to students independently learning. Through the ‘I Do’ stage, teachers clearly model and explain step-by-step the concept to be covered. ‘We Do’ incorporates guided practice, with teachers checking individual student understanding, providing immediate feedback and giving support. ‘You Do’ gives students the opportunity to engage in independent practice at their ability level.

Aboriginal Education

Haileybury Rendall School is firmly committed to educating Indigenous students from remote Australian communities. For over 20 years, Kormilda College’s vision was to ensure that Indigenous students had access to a high-quality secondary education. Haileybury Rendall School continues this tradition.

At the forefront of ‘Closing the Gap’ for remote Indigenous secondary students, Haileybury Rendall’s ambitious target is to ensure that its graduates leave the School with the skills to become active and contributing citizens.


Haileybury Rendall School provides a safe and supportive learning environment. The key to this is a Pastoral Care program tailored to each schooling stage. Each student is guided by teachers, counsellors and expert staff.


Haileybury Rendall School celebrates its strong sense of community, which is underpinned by our House system.

There are four Houses at Haileybury Rendall School:

  • Baru
  • Djarrak
  • Nganabaru
  • Pumarali

Social Justice

Students can join a range of activities that focus on human rights and equal opportunity.

Haileybury Rendall students support many charities, volunteering their time and efforts to fundraise and contribute.

The Arts

The Performing and Visual Arts are an integral part of our curriculum. Students have plenty of exciting opportunities to produce and perform in plays and musicals, to showcase their work at art exhibitions and to participate in band performances.

Students can enjoy many aspects of visual art to expand their minds and increase their appreciation of culture and creativity.