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Haileybury Rendall School is pleased to offer a world-class education and boarding experience to domestic and international students. Located in the breathtaking Northern Territory, Haileybury Rendall School Darwin provides students from a diverse array of cultures and communities with a truly special Australian experience.

Boarding at Haileybury Rendall School is a unique opportunity to live and learn on campus, to develop independence and resilience and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Years 7 - 12
  • Gumimba House
  • Dewarra House
  • Madjirra House

Meet the Leadership team

Haileybury Rendall School is home to three boarding houses each with individual and twin shared rooms options, communal areas and state of the art facilities.

Every day students enjoy a variety of culinary options suited to all dietary requirements at our large cafeteria and dining hall. Students also have access to sports facilities including a swimming pool, basketball courts and recreational ovals.

The male and female residences whilst separate are connected via common living spaces in which students can study or socialise with fellow boarders.


An adventure in learning

Haileybury Rendall School's program provides an exciting and enriching curriculum for all students. It builds resilient and independent learners with skills in creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. They leave as well-rounded young citizens with a love for learning, prepared for life on the global stage and with the drive to do more for society.

“I like boarding because it’s like a second home to me when I’m away from home. I like making new friends here.”
Cherita, Year 7
Haileybury Rendall School

At a glance

Health and wellbeing

Haileybury Rendall School provides a safe and supportive learning environment where students are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential, in every aspect of their school life.

Education excellence

Education excellence are at the heart of our culture and national rankings consistently rate Haileybury as one of Australia’s leading independent schools with 20% of our students achieving ATARs above 95.

Extra and Co-Curricular

We are committed to supporting Co-Curricular programs with a range of Extra-Curricular activities covering sport, music, performances, competitions and community initiatives.

Modern facilities

Students have access to a range of academic and sporting facilities including basketball courts, recreational ovals and a swimming pool.

“The thing I like most about boarding is getting to do my courses at school far from home. I know that this will help me get a good job”
Braithan, Year 11
“I like being at boarding because it gives me peace and quiet and I have friends here. I can concentrate on my school work and I enjoy the weekend activities, especially all the swimming!”
Lashani, Year 9

What should you look for in a boarding school?

There is more than one way to provide your child with a rewarding, inspiring high school education. For many growing young minds — especially those from families in regional or remote areas — choosing to head to boarding school is the ideal next step. It is also one of the most formative and enriching chapters in a young person’s learning journey.

A great boarding school is defined by more than the calibre of its learning program, though. It needs to be a home away from home, a community where every young person feels welcome, seen and supported, and where their wellbeing is as much a priority as a world-class education and there are plenty of ways to stay connected, entertained and develop into well-rounded young adults.

If you'd like to learn more, download our online school informative guide below.

Frequently asked questions

What do boarders do on weekends?
Can my child take leave from school whenever they want?
How does my child do their laundry?
My child has special dietary needs. Can you accommodate them?
Are boarding school scholarships available?
Do you offer sessional boarding?
Will there be 24/7 supervision?
Will my child be safe?
What is the accommodation arrangements, ex. single rooms, shared rooms?
Is a parent able to visit the school at any time?
What should they bring? Is bedding and linen provided, or do we need to supply this?
How does my child travel to and from school?
What are the fees?

What do boarders do on weekends?

Weekends are an important time for our boarders to rest, relax, learn in different settings, study and prepare for the week ahead. The structured activities we offer are diverse, offer choice, and make the most of experiences that only the Northern Territory can offer.

Activities range from outdoor experiences, particularly during the dry season, with visits to stunning national parks, beaches, gardens, markets, and water-based adventures. Recreational shopping, connecting with family and friends, taking in live theatre or sports matches, ice-skating, swimming, movies and the like.

We also have a range of regular onsite events over the course of a year such as discos, movie nights, trivia nights, cooking, swimming, bike riding, and more. Our boarders have regular opportunities to offer input into the sort of activities we engage in so that what we do reflects the interests and passions of our group.

Can my child take leave from school whenever they want?

All boarders have the opportunity to have weekend/evening sign-outs, given that they are signed out to an approved person as identified by the child’s parent/family/guardian. This consent can be granted on an ongoing basis to a specifically designated person or can be communicated to boarding staff as a ‘once off’ via verbal consent.

If extended leave is required, this can be applied for via the school.

Weekend leave can be granted for boarders so they can spend time with friends and relatives. This leave is only granted with the permission of parents or caregivers who can also approve students to travel with other authorised individuals.

How does my child do their laundry?

Students are provided with regular access and opportunities to access our laundry facilities to ensure that their clothes are fresh and clean.

My child has special dietary needs. Can you accommodate them?

Yes, our kitchen staff are regularly informed of any student dietary requirements, including allergies and anaphylaxis and will cater to these needs.

Are boarding school scholarships available?

To celebrate the opening of the new Madjirra Boarding House, the school is currently offering a limited number of Foundation Boarding Scholarships. To find out more about this scholarship, enquire at

The school also offers General Excellence and Academic scholarships, and Indigenous students are also encouraged to apply for the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program scholarships through the Smith Family or the Larrakia Scholarship.

Do you offer sessional boarding?

During the term, day students can board for short to mid-term periods of time. This option is particularly popular amongst parents who travel during the school year, or students who prefer to board Monday to Friday and return home for the weekends. Sessional boarding is only available when space allows, so please contact us for further information.

Will there be 24/7 supervision?

The Head of Boarding oversees the Boarding Program and provides an important link between Boarding and the Day School. They are supported by a team of professional and highly trained staff who provide 24-hour care.

Will my child be safe?

In Boarding, we maintain the highest standards of safety and take seriously our duty of care to your students. Your child’s safety is our number one priority with full risk management plans in place for activities and outings, supported by well-documented policies and procedures. Excellent pastoral care programmes, as well as access to health centres, counsellors, and staff, look after your students' wellbeing. Overnight staff provide security. Rooms are lockable and belongings are stored appropriately.

What is the accommodation arrangements, ex. single rooms, shared rooms?

Junior bedrooms consist of two student areas, each with their own study area with desk, chair, lamp, bookshelves and storage. Senior rooms are generally designed for individual use, though boarders do have an option to share a room if this is preferred. Rooms are spacious and kept cool all year round with efficient air-conditioning split systems in every room.

Is a parent able to visit the school at any time?

Yes. This is welcomed and encouraged by the school. Prior arrangement is important to ensure that your child is onsite, and not participating in one of our many activities or attending school or school events.

What should they bring? Is bedding and linen provided, or do we need to supply this?

Linen and bedding are provided by the school. For a full packing list, please see our boarding handbook.

How does my child travel to and from school?

Local travel is managed by boarding house staff for sports training, social activities and medical appointments. The experienced team also help to arrange after-school or weekend transport from remote and regional communities.

What are the fees?

Please visit our Fees and Payments page for the most up to date tuition fees.


6057 Berrimah Road, Berrimah NT 0828

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