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Early Learning Centre

The start of the journey

The Haileybury Rendall School program provides an exciting and enriching curriculum for all students. It builds resilient and independent learners with skills in creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

Our teaching approach is tailored to suit all year levels. We develop core literacy and numeracy skills through explicit instruction in the junior years, while in the middle years, we move to a combination of explicit instruction and student-centred learning. As students enter their senior years, they begin a three-year VCE program coupled with a range of subjects to suit all interests and abilities.

Ultimately, students leave Haileybury Rendall School prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, with a love for learning and with the life skills essential for success.

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Our Early Learning program

The Haileybury Rendall School Early Learning Centre (ELC) is the start of an exciting and rewarding lifelong education journey. Young children are given new opportunities to explore further, discover more and grow together while developing their unique capabilities and a love for learning.

We provide a rich curriculum that encourages children to engage in learning, to be curious about life’s complexities and to have input in their learning journey as it unfolds.

Developing unique capabilities

We understand that the early years of learning are a time for exploration and the initial development of core skills. We draw on the Early Years Learning Framework to deliver a range of educationally inspiring ELC programs.

Our play-based curriculum combines appropriate tasks and teaching strategies to sustain each child’s engagement and develop their creativity, social skills, emotional wellbeing, higher-order thinking skills and an overall sense of belonging. An immersive suite of play-based activities includes Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Social Thinking, Inclusion and Diversity, Child Safety and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultural perspectives.

Ensuring wellbeing

Your child will learn in an environment with care and wellbeing at its core and where their worth as an individual and community member is valued. The Early Learning Centre staff work hard to meet each child’s needs and interests and to foster and support their self-esteem and confidence.

At Haileybury Rendall School, children are challenged to achieve their personal best and are encouraged to participate and expand their horizons. Through individual and group planning, firm foundations are laid for future learning. Our ultimate aim is for our young learners to develop into young adults of vision, integrity and generosity of spirit.

Building confidence and curiosity

Educators foster children’s independent inquiry using reflective planning, stimulating environments and play-based programs. They guide them to become capable, confident and competent learners.

Learning is extended through a curriculum that stimulates each child’s thinking and fosters their curiosity and a genuine love of learning. Through explicit teaching, we actively promote children’s learning using evidence-based planning and high-quality learning experiences that develop higher-order thinking skills necessary for 21st Century learners.

“Our values of trust, unity and respect underpin our commitment to maintaining strong partnerships with parents and families in recognition of the significant role we all play in children’s development, wellbeing and education.”

Parent participation is welcome and educators work in partnership with parents to optimise each child’s learning outcomes. We develop collaborative relationships based on mutual respect, shared understandings and continual dialogue.

We believe in evidence-based practice, professional learning and ongoing critical reflection to inform and evaluate the high-quality education that we provide.

Providing an engaging environment

Our ELC provides an airy indoor and outdoor environment. Natural play spaces invite young learners to explore and discover, building their curiosity, confidence and competence.

Children are encouraged to take part in independent and group play and our experienced educators use early childhood learning strategies to provide support and guidance as children progress through their learning journey.

Exceeding National Quality Standards

We ensure our Early Learning programs and activities are informed by critical reflection to guide best practice in all aspects of ELC education.

As a result, our ELC exceeds National Quality Standards as set by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority.

Educating with experience

Haileybury's experienced and qualified educators develop strong relationships with families and their children.

Educators spend time getting to know each child's interests and learning dispositions and recognise the importance of working in partnership with families as their child's first educator.

We aim for children and families to experience a genuine sense of belonging and we take pride in our welcoming, safe and inclusive ELC environments.

Offering flexible hours

We know daily life is busy and so we offer opening hours that reflect this.

  • 7.30 am – 6.00 pm Monday to Friday
  • 50 weeks of the year.

Families using this service can apply for the Child Care Subsidy.

Further information

For greater insight into our approach to teaching in the ELC, please download the ELC Information Booklet.