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Middle School program

Years 7 to 9
Guiding growth and developing individuality

The Haileybury Rendall School program provides an exciting and enriching curriculum for all students. It builds resilient and independent learners with skills in creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

Our teaching approach is tailored to suit all year levels. We develop core literacy and numeracy skills through explicit instruction in the junior years, while in the middle years we move to a combination of explicit instruction and student-centred learning. As students enter their senior years, they begin a three-year VCE program coupled with a range of subjects to suit all interests and abilities.

Ultimately, students leave Haileybury Rendall School prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, with a love for learning and with the life skills essential for success.

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Our Middle School program

The Haileybury Rendall Middle School program caters for the changing needs of students in their formative years. It creates a smooth transition from primary to secondary school while students continue to develop their knowledge and skills through a varied and engaging curriculum.

Our Middle School program covers every crucial developmental stage within supportive classes that cater for the different social, emotional and educational needs of pre-adolescent and adolescent girls and boys.

What are the Middle Years?

The term ‘Middle Years’ describes a stage of schooling that bridges primary and secondary education. Through its structure, it responds more effectively to the specific needs of young adolescents, with a focus on developing a deeper understanding of issues and higher-level learning outcomes.

“Middle School is for Years 7–9. Students starting with us in Year 7 benefit from much-needed support while they transition into secondary education.”

An exclusive, engaging curriculum

Throughout the Middle School years, students continue to develop their skills and knowledge in English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Languages and Health and Physical Education, while beginning to dive deeper into areas that drive greater interest.

Students also study electives such as Music, Visual Arts, Visual Communication, Media, Drama, Dance, Forensic science, Computing, Woodwork and Food Technology.

“In Year 9, students can also study Politics, Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Sports Leadership and Outdoor Education.”

As students progress through Middle School, their social, emotional and academic development is reviewed and reported on regularly using our Continuous Reporting program that provides reports at the end of each Assessment Task.

Personal wellbeing

Put simply, Haileybury’s strong belief is that ‘every student matters every day’. To reinforce this, our approach is based around a personal development curriculum and health and wellbeing framework delivered by dedicated House tutors and Year level coordinators. Further support is provided by school counsellors and the inclusion and support team.

Our Middle School recognises that the academic, social and emotional needs of students may be significantly different from their peers. Students, parents and staff are involved in a collaborative process to develop differentiated programs that best support the learning needs of the child as a whole in an inclusive class environment.

Outside the classroom

The Outdoor Education program provides students with opportunities to develop essential life skills, such as resilience, leadership, courage and independence. These experiences become progressively more remote and challenging through the years. The Program seeks to create independent, capable and environmentally aware young adults who can work as a group to overcome physical and mental challenges in remote environments. This is a compulsory Co-Curricular program and these experiences are integrated into school life through academic and pastoral streams. They present opportunities for students to share cross-cultural experiences and to be challenged physically, psychologically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Further information

For greater insight into our approach to teaching in the Middle School, please download the 2024 Middle School Information Booklet. This informative document also includes details on the full Middle School curriculum and the list of subjects taught.