Health and wellbeing

Providing support and guidance

The wellbeing and safety of boarders is our principal focus and we work hard to ensure students feel balanced and happy in a physical, emotional, social and cultural sense. Our dedicated team of experienced, professional and supportive staff aims to maintain a family atmosphere in our home away form home where every student matters every day.

Through the Haileybury Rendall School Health and Wellbeing Framework, each year level accesses learning programs tailored to their age and stage of development, and that are focussed on the social-emotional, physical and cultural needs of our students. Additional wrap-around support is provided by our team of dedicated residential staff, counsellors, nursing staff, external GPs, and allied health providers.

Promoting individuality and respect

Our mission is to develop high-achieving students who are connected globally, to each other and to the communities in which they live and serve. To that end, we treat our boarders as individuals and deal with their challenges and issues in the context of their perspective to help ensure the best outcomes.

We strongly encourage open, clear and positive communication and guidelines for behaviour and our student creeds and agreements are based on mutual courtesy, respect and the promotion of safety for all students. Each term students review their boarding school creeds and provide direct input into our community codes of conduct.

A dedicated team

The Head of Boarding oversees the Boarding Program and provides an important link between Boarding and the Day School. They are supported by a team of professional staff who provide 24-hour care on a rostered basis and a team of residential tutors.

Communication is encouraged at all times between students, School staff and families.