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Boarding life

An adventure in learning

A welcoming home away from home for all students

Boarding at Haileybury Rendall School is a unique environment for both domestic and international students in Years 7-12. We offer an outstanding boarding experience for families who would prefer to give their child/ren a world-class education whilst remaining in the Northern Territory.

Our boarding students come from diverse backgrounds and many are from remote Aboriginal communities—we have 30 different communities currently represented. All are helped to feel at home during their stay by a dedicated team of experienced, professional and attentive staff. Our boarding team also call on our connections in various communities to provide cultural programs to increase understanding and help in creating a connection to our own Haileybury Rendall School boarding community. Our modern facilities and a welcoming ‘family’ atmosphere are also part of the Haileybury Rendall School experience.

More information about our world-class facilities is available from the School.

The life of a boarder

Living at Haileybury Rendall School is an exciting and immersive experience. There are plenty of activities available to keep students engaged and challenged and these are all structured around our academic program. From breakfast to lights out—we ensure students feel connected and supported.

Daily activity

Structure is an important part of the Haileybury Rendall School boarding experience. Students have a defined routine during their school week, with flexibility on the weekends.

Morning Routine:

Time Activity
7.00 am
Wake up
7:30 am
Personal care and wellbeing check-in with staff
8:00 am
8:30 am
Students depart for class

School Day Routine:

Time Activity
8:35 am
Tutor period
8:45 am
Classes begin
12:30 pm
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Supervised Homework Support

Afternoon and Evening Routine:

Time Activity
4:00 pm
Afternoon Activities or Study Program
6:00 pm
Community Dinner
7:00 pm
Evening Activities Program/Homework Support Continues
8:30 pm
Wellbeing check-ins and Supper
9:30 pm
All students in own residence
Personal care routines
Preparation for next day
All students in own bedrooms
10:00 pm
Lights out

Recreational pursuits

We understand the importance of variety and our boarders being able to experience new things, so we offer an extensive program of afternoon, evening and weekend activities, including off-campus excursions.

Local excursions to Darwin form the majority of boarding excursions, with a weekly shuttle commuting between the School and local shopping centres. Activities can include:

  • Casuarina Shopping Centre
  • Waterfront (wave pool)
  • Nature walks
  • Visits to national parks, including Litchfield
  • School swimming pool-based activities and games
  • AFL Fixtures at TIO Stadium Marrara
  • Mindil Beach Markets (in the dry season)
  • Fishing at East Arm Wharf or Stokes Hill Wharf
  • Leanyer or Palmerston water parks
  • Movies at Palmerston or Casuarina
  • Beach walk at Casuarina or East Point
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Sport with clubs such as St Marys (AFL) Waratah (Cricket) Netball and Rugby (Palmerston)
  • Other school activities which include: ice skating, school discos and games nights.

We believe in the importance of students having a voice and our boarders have regular opportunities to discuss activities and excursions so they reflect the interests and passions of our group.

Travelling to and from School

Local travel is managed by boarding house staff for sports training, social activities and medical appointments. The experienced team also help to arrange after-school or weekend transport from remote and regional communities.

Our Travel Officer can also arrange weekend leave for boarders so they can spend time with friends and relatives. This leave is only granted with the permission of parents or caregivers who can also approve students to travel with other authorised individuals.