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International applications

Giving students every advantage

Haileybury Rendall School has a limited number of international student positions available and those successful in their application can either stay in our boarding facility or with family/guardians.

Entry for Year 7 to Year 12 is via agents overseas or directly to Haileybury Rendall School (completing the Application for Enrolment). Students will need to undertake an English proficiency test and Australian Education and Assessment (AEAS) test.

If all results are at the required level, the School may offer a place. If accepted, this will require payment of an application fee, deposit, entrance fee and tuition fees.

Further information

Applications for enrolment may be submitted online at any time.

We invite you to contact Haileybury Rendall School Admissions for further information or enquiries regarding international enrolment.

Phone: +61 8 8922 1611


For information regarding International Boarding, please visit our International Boarding page.