Campus News

How wonderful it has been to have students from all year levels back onsite! For some students, there was some anxiety about returning, but very quickly these feelings eased as the students re-connected with friends and teachers. Others felt relieved and excited that their world was returning to something more familiar and normal and they could not wait to be back.

All students, parents and staff have been through another very difficult and uncertain time and I thank you all for the way you have continued on with resilience and hope.

Our Year 5/6 Chess Team recently competed in the online State Finals. I am delighted to let you know they placed second in the state!

Congratulations to Sanjar Asad, Daiwei Qin, Vinu Pirapakaran, Aahil Fazlaan, Eshan Nakarmi, Jaiden Cooray, Seyara Munasinghe, Nicholas Tomah, Ryley Dang, Jerry Liao, Vaiga Saynthan and Sathisha Silva.

In addition to the impressive performance of the team, Sanjar Asad achieved sixth place in the state and Ryley Dang was ranked second. This is a remarkable achievement and we are incredibly proud of both boys and of the team.

Early Learning Centre

Routines and Connecting

How wonderful it is to be back together again. Children beamed with excitement as they entered the ELC after such a long absence. Reconnecting with each other and staff is a big focus for us this term. We also understand this is also a time of some anxiety for some children and families.

It is important to reflect and remember that the world around us has undergone a significant change and, as we reopen, we will focus on re-establishing routine and connection for children and families to enable them to feel safe and secure in their environment.

Each classroom has been set up to assist in this transition with extra time given to social interactions and discussions with children on their thoughts and feelings. It is important we focus on the positives during this time and have a wonderful Term 4 together.

Junior School

The Playground Comes Back to Life!

We are so excited to have all year levels back onsite. Listening to the playground noise and seeing students in their classroom was exactly what we needed and what we have been looking forward to for so long!

Online Assemblies and Graduation

With restrictions still in place, all assemblies and the Junior School Graduation will be held online. Details will be put on the myHaileybury app in the near future.

Living and Growing

To support the teaching of the Health Curriculum in 2021, Sex Education Australia will be delivering a program called Living and Growing to our Year 4 students. The three-week program helps schools implement parts of the Health Curriculum including the physical, social and emotional changes that are part of puberty. The approach to these topics will be age-appropriate, simple, straightforward and sensitive.

Middle School

There has been a sense of excitement, happiness and relief as Middle School students eased back to school over the past week. To see friends and spend time in the classroom again gave our boys and girls the lift they needed to get through to the end of the online program. Students were greeted by excited teachers and a small Welcome Backpack.

Students Image 1: Isha Raj, Isabelle Tomah, Dulini Perera and Lia Adams.

Students Image 2: Eva Robinson, Imogen Fairbairn, Tyla Slater, Lucinda Vail, Lavanya Samarawickrama, Mihini Wickramarachchi and Lily Song.

Preparing for Years 7 and 8 Exams

Revision books have been released and all Years 7 and 8 students have completed a study skills session supported by an extensive array of materials and advice on CANVAS as they prepare for exams.

Help Desk will run for exam preparation each afternoon and Thursday mornings in the lead-up to exams which begin on Friday, 5 November.

Middle School Graduation

We will farewell our Year 8 students on Friday, 12 November—their last day in Middle School. Students will participate in a student-only Graduation Ceremony followed by a Middle School Picnic and our annual Middle School Colour Run.

We look forward to making their last day in Middle School memorable after a tough 18 months.

Jeanette Rawlings

Head of Edrington (Berwick)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Edrington (HPFE)

We’re Back!

How good does it feel?

We have a super fun, family-friendly online Virtual Team Event coming up! We’ll be sending out notifications soon, so make sure you register your family team to play along and have a laugh! There’s nothing quite like a bit of friendly competition!

The uniform shop is open for phone orders and fingers crossed we can open the shop up for onsite sales soon.

It’s perfect weather for catch-ups and now that restaurants and bars are open, keep an eye on your inboxes for messages from your Class Reps for dates to add to your calendars!

Stay safe out there.

Kerry Ilic

HPFE President