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From the Principal

Reconciliation week should be every week at HRS.

Now, more than ever!

I spoke at Middle School Assembly this week and I urged our students to understand and immerse themselves in the amazing National Reconciliation Week that we have planned from Monday, 27 May up to and including Monday, 3 June and NOT just let it happen around them.

At HRS, our non-Indigenous staff and students rightly choose to organise and run the special week. It is largely our responsibility to move this country towards a truly reconciled state. A place we all love and are proud of - and where we live happily and respectfully with all Australians.

I really believe that our children’s generation will come together to produce the best version of a harmonious community into the future.

I urge our students to:

  • speak up for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • learn as much as we can about First Nations people in Australia
  • call out racism wherever we find it
  • provide opportunities for a voice for all
  • to connect with each other
  • to respect each other, and to
  • change and act where we can.

At HRS our students can:

  • Attend student reconciliation meetings
  • Get involved in NRW at all levels
  • Learn about true histories and issues
  • Sing some great songs and be voices for reconciliation
  • Come together
  • Read and contribute to our RAP, which is on MyHRS

And I think I have mentioned this before, but now more than ever when it comes to reconciliation:

  • Be kind
  • Get involved
  • Do your best

Andrew McGregor