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Middle School news

Term 2 gears up

We have had a busy start to Term 2 with students gearing up for the end of semester and start of exam period. Given this will be the first time Year 7 students have participated in examinations, teachers will be explaining the exam process and strategies for preparation. Years 7 and 8 students have also been looking at study skills in PEX classes to help develop these important skills moving towards Senior School and the VCE.

There have been some fantastic opportunities for our students in recent weeks. The Suns Middle School AFL Competition is running on Wednesday and Thursday throughout the term. Our boys and girls teams have enjoyed success with recent wins, demonstrating high quality football and sportsmanship. This has been a great opportunity for our boarders to mix on the field with our day students.

Student leaders from all sub-schools attended in the GRIP Leadership Conference early last week. The intention was for students to engage in workshops and discussions focused on topics such as teamwork, identifying individual strengths, and setting and achieving goals. From all reports, the students got plenty out of the experience and represented Haileybury Rendall School with excellence.

Brendan Evans
Head of Middle School