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Ian Smith

Head of Community Relations
B Ed (Flinders)

Prior to Ian's appointment to Head of Community Relations in 2024, he was appointed as Head of Aboriginal Community Relations at Haileybury Rendall School in 2019.

Before Ian's time at the School, he worked for the Tiwi Education Board as the Principal, Tiwi College 2011-2017 and as the Executive Officer for the Tiwi Education Board in 2018. He was also employed as an education consultant for the Anindilyakwa Land Council in 2018.

With over 30 years in the education and training sector, Mr Smith has held a range of other positions including Classroom Teacher, Head of Health, Physical and Outdoor Education, VCAL Coordinator, Sports Coordinator and Curriculum Coordinator.

Through his roles on the Tiwi Islands, Mr Smith has been able to work alongside many indigenous peoples of the Top End of the Northern Territory. He is passionate about entrenching positive connections with the First Australians to deepen understanding of cultural knowledge and protocols.