Middle School Program

Years 7 to 9

Guiding growth towards individuality

Our Middle Years Program caters for the changing needs of students in these formative years, while easing the transition from primary to secondary school. It covers every delicate and crucial developmental stage while promoting learning, personal growth and self-confidence.

Students entering Haileybury Rendall School at Year 7 join a special program designed to ensure a smooth transition. This is particularly important for those who join us from other schools.

To ease the way we minimise the number of teachers who take each student. At the same time we introduce trained specialist teachers to help students move beyond the primary school single-teacher classroom experience.

In Year 7, students have a strong relationship with their classroom teacher, who usually teaches them two major academic subjects. Students are expected to display increased independence in managing their school lives.

Download the 2022 Middle School Information Booklet