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Celebrating Families

NEWS 14 May 2021

What a wonderful fortnight it has been for community development! The Junior School Celebrating Families event was a tremendous success, as were the various class and year level social gatherings organised by our contact parents, volunteers from within the Junior School community. They have kindly arranged a variety of activities for both students and families to interact outside of school.

Building upon the sense of community within our Junior School is a key goal in 2021. Thank you to those who have been able to support these ventures. We look forward to many more in the coming months. The Celebrating Families event was arguably the biggest Junior School event of the year to date. Although the primary aim was to celebrate and acknowledge the role that all mothers play in the lives of our students. It was wonderful to have a range of family members attend and mark this special occasion.

Walking around the oval I was privileged to witness first-hand the unadulterated joy on the faces of all participants, both young and old. One of my many highlights was hearing one of our younger students explain to another person that their grandmother was having some difficulty skipping because she had “bent toes” and that she was doing her very best – such empathy and compassion is a rarity in adults, never mind children!

It was a fabulous community event, made all-the-more special due to the large number of family members who were able to attend, participating in a wide range of events in an effort to earn points towards the Junior School House Championship.