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NEWS 18 June 2020

Digital Photography

Look out... we've got some photographers in the making!

Our Year 10 Art students are having a blast as they begin studying Digital Photography this semester. Their first task was to show an understanding of compositional qualities like leading lines and framing. The school quadrangle was the perfect place for a photoshoot, as the students captured the architectural structures of geometric shapes, lines and focal points.

Lino Prints

New semester, new ideas! Unit 2 Studio Arts is underway with work commencing on folio artworks. Haydan Wilson (Year 11) has returned from lockdown in community and has started his creations, taking inspiration from his grandmother, who is also an artist.

Recently, Haydan has been exploring lino prints and gouache paintings.

Rainbow Serpent Collaboration

The ELC students are very fortunate to have two Year 10 (Senior school) students working with them on Tuesday mornings. Esha and Babylon have been sharing stories from home and introducing the students to Aboriginal culture and customs.

The children are learning about belonging to groups and communities and how to interact in relation to others with care, sympathy and respect.

Babylon and Esha told us the story of the Rainbow Serpent and all about the creation story of how the mountains and rivers came to be. Babylon said the Rainbow Serpent still lives in Kakadu – there is a waterfall that they go to, they go swimming there and the Rainbow

Serpent stays really deep under the water. She brought the hills, the animals, the trees, the water and all the food sources that everyone eats. Babylon said they dance traditional dances and put ochre on themselves to show their respect to the Rainbow Serpent.

Together they created a rainbow snake in the Preschool room that ties in with this year’s theme for National Reconciliation Week “In This Together”.

Year 7 Print Making

These artworks are sure to make you smile! The Year 7 (Middle school) Art classes have been working on print making and have created a series of inspiring works.

Each black and white print offers a positive quote and help lift spirits. Thank you Year 7, for these beautiful contributions.