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House Athletics Carnival

NEWS 2 July 2020

Haileybury Rendall School held its House Athletics Carnival for Middle School and Senior School students on Thursday, 18 June. The day was highly anticipated by all students which was shown as the students arrived in their House colours full of energy and excitement.

The students from Nganabaru displayed fantastic House spirit to take out an early lead by winning the House chant competition.

Students displayed excellent sportsmanship throughout the entire day while still competing furiously. The day had a number of individual standout competitors – Clay Shadforth, Benjamin Barnard and Elsie Harden, who excelled in all areas.

Although Haileybury Rendall School staff were extremely busy on the day, it was necessary for them to prove what they could do on the track as well. The challenge was set, and a relay team from each House to take on two staff relay teams. Needless to say, the staff had a glorious victory!

After a long and hard-fought day by all students, the result came down to the relays at the conclusion of the day. In the end, it was Nganabaru who came out victorious on the day winning by a very small margin (7 points).


Thank you to all staff and students for a fantastic day!