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Magic Beans!

NEWS 1 July 2020

Beans are good for your heart, bones and overall wellness. They are also really good for our Preschool students to plant because they are easy to grow and should produce masses of beans.

The Preschool students planted their beans in plastic cups to ensure that they would sprout and grow. They saw little shoots show just after a day or two. As soon as they were ready, the students decided to replant them into a raised garden bed.

Beans can climb, so the children now need to put a trellis in, to support the beans when they grow taller.

The students picked a space in the corner of the yard, which receives a lot of sun, while providing protection from the wind, and a bit of shade cover in the super-hot, dry, windy Darwin weather.

They are really proud of their efforts and will measure the growth of the beans over the coming weeks.

We replanted the beans into soil so they are in a good, secure, sunny spot but what else do we need to provide our beans with to ensure they grow really well?

Water! That’s it! Beans will not grow without enough water.

The perfect combination: beans, soil, sunlight and water. How tall are they going to grow?